Friday, 31 October 2008

Caprices Birthday / Halloween/Fashion Party and more…

So yesterday I went Caprices Birthday/Halloween and Fashion party at Jalouse in Hanover Square. This exclusive party was covered by Fashion TV, Desihits, OK magazine and others. Goody bags consisted of goodies from the sponsors who were Aspinals, Chelsea Club, Caroline Herrara, Harley Street Clinic and Brazilian Look.

Above pic: Model in Caprice Lingerie

I was loving my headgear which I bought in Brick Lane a while ago and have been dying to wear- Sad I know (lol)

Below pic: Moi in the headgear

I fell in love with my friend Julie’s gorgeous vintage sparkly butterfly top.

Below pic: My friend Julie rocking the gorgeous vintage top!

Caprice looked fab and I must say I have much respect for her as a businesswoman. Her Lingerie line has done immensly well.

Amongst the celebrities were Mica Paris and X-Factor’s gorgeous choreographer Brian Friedman.

Below pic: Me and Mica Paris

Below pic: me and X-Factor’s Brian Friedman

Overall it was a fab night out and do keep an eye out for Caprice’s new reality show “Come Dine With Me” on channel four.



Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bellinski & Papillion Bleu Breast Cancer Fashion Show @ Crystal

Last night I went to the Crystal Fashion Charity do in support of Breast Cancer Care and in association with Bellinski & Papillion Bleu.

Not sure of what to wear, as I still have a pile of washing from fashion week which I am trying to get through, I decided to go for the “Gold Ambition”. Well that’s what I decided to call it anyway(lol). Sporting my new hair do consisting of a long fringe – BTW it’s the first time I’ve had such a long fringe, I tucked the rest of my hair in a bun and added a bit of contrast to my ensemble by opting for my rouge vintage shoes.

Upon arrival you had the paps just eagerly waiting to snap those celebrities – It was not a warm evening I tell you and their job is certainly not one I envy (lol).

Fashion TV were filming the event for the night and happened to also snap up my outfit which was a nice compliment :)
As part of the night there was a fashion show featuring the Bellinski and Papillion Bleu collections. Also taking place was an auction of each of the designer ‘s garments.

Below: Our Presenters for the night:

I spotted these two lovely fashionistas (Below) and fell in love with the juicy lip shaped bag one of them were sporting!

The Juicy Bag!
Clicqisse director, Daryl, was all glammed up for the night wearing this beautiful dress she customised herself.

Overall it was an early night for me as I have not been well the past week but I must say the music was FANTASTIC and made me want to stay!!!



Thursday, 2 October 2008

Press Release: Love Genevieve launches new Chic Christmas card range

Love Genevieve Logo

Love Genevieve
launches new Chic Christmas card range - Immediate Release - Autumn/Winter 08/09


'Love Genevieve' Artist Yolande Letshou has launched a series of fashion inspired exquisite Christmas cards complimenting her current collection which can be viewed at


Yolande explains "I wanted the Christmas range to be unique yet simple with a chic feel. My life is surrounded by fashion so for a couple of months I filled my mini notepad with ideas and chose my favourite 3 designs".


So far the Love Genevieve cards have proven to be a hit especially in London's hip Brick Lane. Guate Goat Boutique Ltd (where the Love Genevieve range is also currently stocked) owner, Hal Davis has described the cards as "absolutely fantastic!".  Yolande expresses "It's wonderful seeing people's reactions to my cards as they are all my original artworks, I initially sketched all the designs then painted them all by hand, without the aid of any computers etc and just reproduced them onto greeting cards. My grandfather was an artist so I guess that's where my Art talents come from"


'The Ugly Betty' card in the range proved to be a popular choice this summer however the 'Mac Factor' card is rapidly becoming a bestseller.


About Yolande Letshou

Yolande Letshou
is a trained journalist having attained a BA Hons in Journalism at the prestigious Harlow College university Journalism programme.

After several writing roles her passion for fashion soon took over which led to her position within the Fashion Fabrics buying department of well established British department store John Lewis PLC. Her passion for fashion and art fused together in 2006 whereby the idea of 'Love Genevieve' was born which launched its pilot range in 2007. Due to its success Yolande finally launched the full range in early 2008.


For more information on Love Genevieve please contact:

 Michel Betito - for International enquiries


Website :


Yolande Letshou
"Reflecting Real Everyday Women" 
"The new Fashion Art Collection by Yolande Letshou" - Now available via Betty Nine Fashions (Paris), Guate Goat Boutique Ltd (Islington)  Brick Lane and 4 Seasons Shop ( Islington)


"Islington's hidden jewellery extravaganza!!"

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Melissa Leon: 5 mins with an emerging talented UK Jewellery designer!!

Hi guys,

I few months back I met a very talented jewellery designer called Melissa, so thought i'd introduce you guys to her as her works are AMAZING!!! I mean she is seriously talented and def one to watch out for.I recently interviewed her to get the low down on her jewellery range and what makes Melissa Leon Jewellery pieces a must have...Enjoy! :)

Above pic from right:Melissa's creative assistant, Melissa Leon, a model from my launch mini catwalk.

How did the idea of your business come abouts?

I attended a one-day jewellery making workshop last year – just for fun. Whilst at the workshop I noticed that I picked up the techniques that were being taught very easily. I also really enjoyed myself, so when I got home that evening I went online and order jewellery making tools and a bunch of beads etc. I started making jewellery for my friends and family and by word of mouth I began to get orders…I taught myself other jewellery making techniques and started attending exhibitions and events for inspiration…that’s how the business was born!

What is it that makes your pieces stand out?

I like to create pieces with unique beads or unlikely combinations of materials. For example, I travelled to Italy a few times last year and picked up some gorgeous Venetian glass beads – the kind that you are unlikely to see sold here in the UK. The pieces that I have made with those have been the most popular! I also have a new collection for S/S 09 called Candy Shop Couture - a combination of bright coloured glass, resin and crystal. This was inspired by a bracelet I created this past summer called Candy Cuff – it was extremely popular.
What also makes my jewellery stand out is that each piece or collection has its own story to tell. Customers love to read the inspirations behind my creations

When did you first start designing things and what was it that you designed?

To be honest, I have never been much of a designer. When I started making jewellery I would make pieces from pictures in my head!

What sorts of things inspire you when creating a new collection?

A lot of the time I get inspired by events happening around me, past experiences or the time of year that it is. For example, I am creating a collection for Black History Month along with an exhibition I will hold to display the achievements of young black people in Britain today.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

With regards to the business, my biggest achievement would be launching my studio turned boutique. The launch was more successful than I anticipated and I also received some press coverage. Also, I was recently commissioned to create 500 pairs of earrings for a Sky Channel women’s event. I had 7 days to do it and my creative assistant was away so I had no help – but I did it!

What has been your biggest challenge?

I am mostly on my own in the business and there is always a lot to do. It is easy to get stressed out, but I have learned I must be more organised and manage my time better than I have been! As everything is hand made, it can get very hectic if there are a lot of orders in one go. There is pressure because I never want to let customers down, as I have a reputation to uphold.

What advice can you give to other aspiring designers?

Look for your niche and build on it! People are always looking for something different, so do research and get feedback. If you are regularly getting good feedback about a certain aspect of your work then stick with it and build on it.

Where can individuals purchase your collection pieces?

My jewellery is available to purchase online at and also from next month on