Thursday, 31 December 2009

Au revoir 2009 …Welcome 2010

Wow what a year it’s been!!!! The Noughties are over!!! Cannot believe it!!!

About a month ago I was saying to friends how quick the year’s gone by and how I can’t believe it’s nearly over. It’s only when I started thinking about everything that I’ve done this year and everything that’s happened that I thought twice about thinking the year flew by!!

Nicole Richie asked today… “The 60's, The 70's The 80's, The 90's... what will we be calling these past 10 years?” which got me thinking that’s true…did not even think about that one!

So I’ve achieved most of the things I really wanted to this year and am very proud of myself as it has not been easy, but I truly believe that when you work hard it really does pay off!!

One of my early highlights of the year has got to be my Greeting Card range being snapped up and stocked at the gorgeous Lifestyle Bazaar Boutique ( and the launch of the ‘A La Mode’ International Catwalk show.

I’ve met and built so many great friendships and directed numerous successful events. How I’ve found the time I don’t know :)

Some other highlights of the year for me in general have included:

- Moi Meeting Spike Lee the film director

- President Barack Obama’s inauguration

- Moi Meeting Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)

- Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of London Fashion Week

- The Italian Black Vogue issue

- Grazia Magazine loving my fashion Greeting Card Range –

- Raising money for Charity and sponsoring a Charity Fashion Show

As well its highs the lows for 2009 were definitely:

- The deaf of Michael Jackson – Yes I was a true fan of his music and stayed up all night watching the news in disbelief.

- Jade Goody dying of Cancer – This was sooooo sad!!!

- Patrick Swayze’s death – I loved ‘Dirty Dancing’ and actually decided I was going to Marry Patrick Swayze after watching it –lol, You know how it’s like when you’re young – he,he

- Brittany Murphy’s sudden death – Loved her in Clueless!!

- The Tiger Woods Scandal

- My favourite childhood shop Woolworths closing down simply broke my heart :(

So right I’m gonna finish getting ready and head to a local bar in Islington for some drinks and celebrations with friends!!!

I wish you all lots of success and happiness for 2010 and hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my blog. There are lots to come for 2010 so watch this space!


Yolande xx

MORE PICS OF 2009...


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

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Above pic: Moi ... so my friends call this the Nostril picture hmmmmmm Well anyway this pic highlights my obesession of back combing and supersized shades -LOL

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