Saturday, 26 May 2007

Photo shoot with Belal Ashraf

I was up at 7am today in order to set out and style a shoot for one of the most sought after up and coming fashion photographers in the Uk, Belal Ashraf.

Although our initial clown concept was put on hold due to unsuitable settings we still went ahead with the shoot. The new concept was very sexy and appealing for women. The model was Shaun, also a personal trainer and our make-up Artist for the shoot was Mildred Padilla.

We shot the shoot in a lavish studio based in the heart of Shoreditch which has rapidly established itself as the 'fashion spot'.

I was running extremely late due to the length of time I spent waiting around to collect the clothes for Shaun.

By the time I arrived everyone was set to go. We went through (with Belal, Fashion photographer) the exact looks we were going for and outfit changes we were gonna make etc. We wanted to create something sexy but not too obvious. Mildred applied soft smokey eyes to bring out Shaun's eyes and covered his body in Glycerine oil.

We got really down and let our creative juices flow, which resulted in jeans and tops being ripped and adjusted.

The shoot was great fun so time just flew by. By the time we knew it, it was 16.00 and we were absolutely starving!! We ended the shoot with some original delicious thin crust pizza's and made it home in the pouring rain but I absolutely loved it!!

For more info: Visit Belal Ashraf -
The pics- Shaun sooo seductive


Saturday, 19 May 2007

Designer Sally Osborne’s futuristic shoot

Today I had to be up at 6am as I was taking a couple of the La Geneve North models to a shoot in Islington. I travelled from West London on the freezing tube, then popped over to my parent’s home in Islington briefly to have a fry up breakfast :)

I met up one of the two models called Julie at the Highbury and Islington station at 8am. We got a phone call from the other model Sharika to say she was experiencing severe delays, therefore we made our way to the location.

Our photographer was flying out to France at 3pm so we really had to get cracking with the shoot almost immediately. Designer, Sally Osborne was at hand to assist the models and go through the looks etc and the whole inspiration behind it. I ate, chilled out and observed, which was a change for once. Usually I’m running around like a mad person ensuring there are no flaws with the styling etc as well as directing in general.

Sally’s (The designer) unique designs consisted of silver metallic futuristic designs with visible neon pink stitching. We done a few shots on Holloway road where the wind decided to attack us and my eyes literally refused to stop watering due to the cold

By 3pm we were more or less wrapped and we all said goodbye to our French photographer Lawrence who had a plane to catch.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

My Grand National experience

When my friend first proposed the idea of going to the Grand National this year, I was rather hesitant in the first instance as it wasn’t somewhere I had planned to go this year. However once the thought of hat shopping came to mind I was immediately pumped with excitement. We started straight away discussing the whole subject of hats and dresses.

On the day – Saturday 14th April 2007:

So today me and the lovely Mary Bello set off to the Grand National in Liverpool. Having being our first time to the races, in fact Liverpool in general, we spent a vast amount of time discussing and debating on what look we were going to go for. I wanted to look sophisticated with a touch of glam so opted for my plum low front dress, a cream hat and cream vintage designer shoes by Roland Cartier.

Mary had spent time shopping the day before and made a striking appearance at Euston London station, where I was patiently awaiting. She wore a gorgeous silver Reiss dress (£255) a magnificent pair of Gina shoes and a cute silver hat substitute accessory from Selfridges (£35). So off we went.

When we got to Liverpool we met our chauffer who took us to event, which was approx a 20 minute drive from Liverpool station. We had an interesting controversial discussion with our chauffer who dared to say that “Liverpool women were the most beautiful women in the UK” , knowing he had two London women in the car. However he quickly justified his statement by saying “We were exceptionally beautiful”.

In the Taxi

So once we got to the races the crowd was cheering and the first horse race was about to commence. Me and Mary quickly went to place our bets and off the horses went. The weather was extremely hot so I was thankful that my hat came in handy and was not just on my head for fashions sake but also for protection from the sun.

We did win two bets which we were chuffed about!

It terms of the fashions, it was very diverse and many women wore gowns or went for the WAG look. Brightly coloured hair accessory seemed to be a big hit.

After a long hot fun day we jumped into a taxi to Manchester airport, where me and Mary sang our favourite 80’s anthems throughout the entire journey, then from Manchester Airport got on a plane back to London.

To end the night Mary and a few friends headed off to party in Boujis whilst I made my way home to relax and prepare for another hectic day the following morning.

What a day!!

We met these two lovely ladies who’s ensembles were absolutely adored by me and Mary.

The big hats weren’t so popular, most women opted for the clip on hair accessories or miniature hats as substitutes.

This gentleman decides to borrow Mary’s silver hair accessory