Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Aces and Volume Magazine Party

Today was a long yet exciting day as I commenced my day at Brunel University doing talks on fashion and business (on behalf of Aces) to a classroom of young ambitious youths who most definitely pleasantly surprised me. Working as my other team member was the wonderful director of the well renowned G Force Productions who showed an amazing clip of his event last year. I recall going to my first G-Force event in West London whilst I was at University studying journalism and freelancing as a writer to interview American Artists and British dance group Flawless. I will never forget how amazed and exciting this event was, I was so amazed I just wanted to watch the whole show.

I will post up the pics from the workshops when I get them :)

The Evening

On my way back from Brunel University I stopped off by one of my favourite, favourite stores in the world…yes Borders on Oxford Circus. Being an art and magazine junkie means I feel the need to browse through every new art book or arty magazine. I am working on a new art collection so it is always also an inspiring experience.

Later I headed off to Holborn for the Volume magazine launch party. As tired as I was the eclectic crowd kept me awake. There was an amazing band playing but I did not catch their name as I was too busy adoring everyone’s fashions.

I bumped into designer Kali Arulpragasm, designer and director of Superfertile jewellery collection. I must say her unique pieces of supersized jewellery were so striking it instantly caught my eye. You can also check out her edgy designs in the new edition of Volume magazine and on her website ( )


Above Pic: Supertile Necklace
Below Pic: The designer wearing one of her jewellery creations
Above pic: Daryl Rita and the amazing photographer Jessica Bonham, also featured in this month's Volume Magazine

Sunday, 16 March 2008

ARRIVEDECI -Last day of the Catwalk shows at LDV :(

Today was a fun yet sad day at the same time as it was the last day of the Catwalk shows. Everyone had bonded so well and it was evident they were all going to miss working together. I had four final shows to complete.

Cow’s t-shirt collection was a fabulous way to end the shows as break dancers took over the stage and got the audience consistently applauding non-stop as they wowed the crowd with the moves. All the models were very excited as they each got a free exclusive Cow t-shirt!!

You can view some video clips via the below link!

My parents came down and I spent the rest of my day with them, Latifah Jolie ( Head stylist for La Geneve North) , Daryl (Director of Cliquesse) and my good friend Julie drinking Italian wine and eating Salami and gelato(lol)

Cio Bella


A couple more pics of my exhausted self (lol)

Above pic from left: Me, Hair Director of LDV and Contrasti London Claudio, Latifah Jolie (LGN Head stylist)

Friday, 14 March 2008

La Dolce Vita- Day 2

I’m way too tired to write anything so I thought I’d post some pics from today’s shows for you to browse…ENJOY!!

Above pic: Me- A smile for the cameras, can you tell i was shattered by this point?


Above pic: Designer, Patricia King Davies and model Maria.


Imago Tricot
Sam and Amanda

Isabella Zocchi

La Cloche

Thursday, 13 March 2008

La Dolce Vita Opening Night!!

Above pic: Sam and Amanda in Antonella Manoli

Today was the opening night with designers Antonella Manoli and Ralph and Russo showcasing their amazing creations!!! Seriously, Italian Fashion never disappoints, these two collections were outstanding!!!!

The evening was hosted by the Fashion expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy UK and Richard and Judy, Julian Bennett.

The lovely Samanda twins came down to strut the catwalk. Both Sam and Amanda were absolute sweethearts, they each wore an amazing gown by Antonella Manoli.

Celebrity presenter Hofit Golan wore two amazing gowns by Ralph and Russo which looked spectacular on her.

CLICQISSE models done a fantastic job strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Everybody absolutely loved and applauded to the amazing choreography by Daryl Rita (Director of CLICQISSE).

The hair looked sexy and chic thanks to Contrasti’s stylist Claudio who took charge of the hair team and done an absolutely amazing job!! The make-up looked striking. Satellite 3’s make-up team done a perfect job as always :)

Above pic: Contrasti's Claudio doing Hofit Golan's hair

My backstage assistants Lynsay, Julie, Lianca, Bharti, Lauretta, Cara and Aysen were soooooooooooooooo AMAZING, I had the best backstage team ever!!!

Above pic: Backstage Assistants: from left: Lianca, Lynsay and Lauretta

I came straight home after the show and straight to bed, despite the consistent persuasions of the team to go to Roof Gardens for the after party, I was like well “I only have like 5 Catwalk shows to do tomorrow” (lol)

Nite, Nite


Misc Pics:

Above pic: From left: Designer Georgette Williams, Me (Wearing one of Antonella Manoli's amazing pieces), Amelie Lafond and Daryl Rita

Above pic: Julian and Hofit get hold of their copies of Nolcha metier magazine!!



Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sneak preview of mood boards for LDV

It’s been pure madness in my fashion world as always. I have been working on La Dolce Vita’s Catwalk show in association with Nolcha for the past few months and finally I have completed all mood boards and backstage requirements.

La Dolce Vita is a yearly event brought to you by Brand Events, offering the very best of Italy, visitors can enjoy fine dining, designer shops, chic fashion, specialist travel advice, and even expert help with buying property in Italy. I will be directing all the Catwalk shows at Olympia for 4 days so I will most probably be suffering from exhaustion after this event. You can find out more about La Dolce Vita by visiting

We will be exclusively using CLICQISSE as our official model agent and Esska as our official shoe sponsor which I’m so excited about!!.

Below is a preview of a couple of the mood boards I put together to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Cio for now :)


Mood Boards: