Saturday, 30 August 2008 ...

What an amazingly beautiful day it was today!!!!I so was not expecting it to be so NICEEEE. I was overdressed for the heat as I really thought it was going to rain…as it does of cause London.

I had to make a quick trip down to Brick Lane whereby I discovered this graffiti artist Andy Seize doing some amazing graff work. I mean being an Art enthusiast I sat there and watched this amazing artist create such an amazing colourful masterpiece.

Below are a couple pics I took

Oh and yes I managed to find a new outfit whilst out which was much more suited the weather (lol)


Friday, 29 August 2008

RoLLer dISco TImeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a manic day as always however I was looking forward to unwinding by attending my friend’s 27th Roller Disco Birthday Do in Vauxhall.

To ensure maximum comfort I opted for my high waist denim shorts, Warehouse fitted Jacket and Vintage Cow Boy Boots for my journey there and back. I have only been roller disco once before and almost forgot how it felt to put those skates on for the first time. I have never felt such seriously uncomfortable on my feet. I mean I have even worn 6 inch heels before but these skates were just something else.

After fully putting these skates on I was ready to go…but there was only one problem….I could not actually get up from the sofa with these skates on, Can you imagine how hideous I looked trying to get off this sofa (lol). Eventually I saw my friend in sight and caught their attention. I don’t think they could quite understand or were aware at first that I was experiencing problems moving. They eventually came over in laughter once they caught on and assisted me in locating the rest of the gang.

Below pic- Me finally off the couch and ready to rock n roll (lol)

By the end of the night I could not believe I was skating without the assistance of nobody and had so much fun!! Not sure when I will be returning for some more roller discoing but the experience was yet another crazy night to remember (lol).


Other pics from the night:

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Yesterday I went to the Fashion and music debate organised by the Manchester Fashion Network ( )and chaired by Award Winning Editor Eric Musgrave ( . The event took place at the trendy “Prince of Wales pub” in Kentish Town. The debate raised the issue of the correlations between Fashion, Music and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The pub was filled with a fantastic turn out of music and fashion enthusiasts keen to get this debate going.

Amongst the panel were Tom Stubbs- Sunday Times stylist and writer, Juls Dawson – GioGoi UK menswear Head of Sales, Steve Walter – EBTM music inspired fashion Chief operating Officer and Stephen Craig – CEO of All Saints.

Each panellist expressed their views on the similarities and differences between the most popular forms of our time, how has the continuous and inseparable relationship between the two formed? Is one more reliant on the other?

Overall it was an extremely interesting discussion and lots of important points were raised, especially with regards to the evolution of fashion and financial constraints for young emerging designers.
Stephen Craig, CEO of All Saints, expressed the view that “If you’re good then you’re good, therefore as a designer will make it”. I totally disagreed with this point as having worked with so many amazing and talented emerging designers I can guarantee you this is not the case. Financial barriers and lack of celebrity recognition and press coverage are all amongst the difficulties experienced by new designers. All those elements are crucial these days within this competitive fashion industry, making it hard for emerging independent designers to get a breakthrough!! It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t have good press or a celebrity giving you the opportunity to showcase your stuff by simply wearing it, then people don’t really give you time. This is why brands such as TOPSHOP have hired Kate Moss. If somebody else designed exactly the same collection as Kate Moss, the sales would be alarmingly less!

From Left: Ady ( ) , Steve Walters ( EBTM- Music Inspired Fashion) and moi

So how does a large establishment such as All Saints stay inline and constantly come up with amazing designs and evolve with the fashion industry? Stephen answered this very simply, he expressed he hired young designers who get smashed on the weekend and come into work on Monday still hangover but bring him amazing designs by the afternoon. In other words hiring young fresh designers with lots of energy and social time.

Sadie Frost and Jemima French were amongst the guests in attendance. I caught up with Sadie to discuss the Fashion Industry and her label Frost French and what exactly went wrong with the label? She was very honest, lovely and open and had a lot of passion. She stressed the fact that her celebrity status did not save her company and the input of investors altered the control she and Jemima had over the company and now they are starting from scratch with several private investors. I remember reading about a similar scenario in Richard Branson’s autobiography.

Sadie Frost, Myself and Jemima French

I will most def be attending the forthcoming event …Let the debates continue!!!!!!

Eric Musgrave –
Gio Goi –
Different Day –

The Love Genevieve Fashion Rock Greeting Card!


Friday, 8 August 2008

Patricia Field for M&S

So today I discovered that Patricia Field (Sex and the City stylist) has signed an exclusive contract with M&S to design a one-off clothing range for the chain which will be hitting our stores for October 08!! How amazing!!! I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never actually bought any item of clothing for myself from M&S so it looks like it’ll be my first purchase as this woman truly has amazing style! There is not one ensemble she has not placed on Carrie Bradshaw that I would not wear!!!

Having recently revamped the diet coke bottle with her artist friend Martine, it is clearly evident that this lady is taking over by storm.

She is not just a stylist/designer but an inspiration to women having run her own boutique “Patricia Field-Hotel Venus” in New York for years ( and others)and worked within the fashion industry for over 20 years!.

So how did her successful career all begin…

It all started 20 years ago. She opened up her own boutique in Greenwich Village in 1966 which ended up being an instant hit!

How did her involvement in Sex and the City come abouts?

She met Sarah Jessica Parker in 1995 and was approached by Sarah years later to style her in Sex and the City.

As well as Sex in the City…

She has also styled in “The Devil Wears Prada” and Ugly Betty

Dreams can certainly come true guys so keep at it :)

Bye for now



Don't Miss This Fab Fashion Event This Weekend...

So yesterday I got a phone call from one of my male models Julius, who invited me to the below event which he is modelling in and I must say it seems like such a fabulous not to be missed event, so do pop down guys!

15 Designers6 shows2days1 location
OuterShell Fashion Events are pleased to announce the launch of its first major event ?OuterShell 2008?, showcasing emerging talent working in the UK. This not-to-miss, fashion weekend extravaganza will include a total of six showings from young, distinguished designers making their mark on the industry. OuterShell 2008 runs from 9th to 10th August 2008. The Candid Arts Centre, Angel London
Info & Ticket phone numbers: 07932 703 853

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


So it’s been a while since I have updated you all on my fashion art card collection ‘Love Genevieve’ ( ) . I have been busy painting away several commissioned art pieces therefore I have struggled to fulfil my greeting card marketing plan this month :(

I have a new fantastic business advisor who is absolutely AMAZING so be prepared to hear lots of news on the happenings of the ‘Love Genevieve’ world. My website – , is also being updated.

The response I have received from Brick Lane has been so encouraging and AMAZING!!! Yes I tend to use the word ‘AMAZING’ a lot to refer to extremely extraordinary things (lol). People are really taking a liking to my cards and although initially I thought it would only appeal to fashionistas, this has so not been the case.

I had a 60 year old lady who bought my “Knit your heart out card” for her friend’s Birthday.

I have also recently noticed an increased population of men purchasing my cards which has also been rather pleasantly surprising.

My current 3 best selling greeting cards are …

Fleur Rose (See Below card)


Description: This card has a sweet red flower implemented into it adding that extra sweet, special appeal. It’s great for birthday’s, thank you’s and farewells.

Mac Factor ( See below card)


Description: The Birthday card that makes you think “Fabulous darling!”.

This pop art /comic themed card is ideal for giving to that chic birthday girl!

RETRO Queen ( See below card)

Ref: LGRQ (Black Text) Description: A fabulous birthday card to give to all those retro queens you know. This card is also suitable for farewells and comes in Black and burgundy font.

I will be back in Brick Lane as of next week so do pop bye and say HHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Ps: Any boutiques interested in carrying my line of fashion greeting cards can contact me via or for International Queries please contact Michel Betito at

Where to currently buy the Love Genevieve Cards…

4 Seasons Shop, 31 Fonthill Road, London N4 -

Guate Goat Boutique Ltd, 65 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London N4