Monday, 17 September 2007

Gavin Medford show @ London Fashion Week...

Today I went to Gavin Pierre Medford’s ( ) London Fashion week show at the Vauxhall fashion scout for his S/S08 collection entitled “Love Thyself”. This collection sees Gavin re-visit his love of the 18th century as reflected in his dramatically beautiful garments with intricate detailing and theatrical style hair and make-up. Gavin has also been nominated for the Urban Fashion Awards ‘best menswear designer 2007’.

Models featured in the show include Britain’s next top models, Jasmia Robinson, Sarah Barker, and Miss black Britain 2006 winner Rachel Williams.

Amongst the attendees were Lisa Maffia (So Solid), Miss Black Britain winner 2007, Charles Thompson of Screen Nation Awards, Designer Georgette Williams and designer Simone William’s business partner Ronke.


Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Today we decided to go and do a bit of shopping during the day. I have been on the hunt for an exclusive pair of faux gold earrings for so long so i set out on a mission to find them.

I ended bumping into this guy who I had to take a picture of as I was in love with his Marc Jacob shades and found his whole look very interesting. He was so sweet and we ended up having a brief convo about Brick Lane as he happened to have previously lived there whilst in London.

I ended up not finding any earrings I liked but bought this hat which I wore for the rest of the day and it just so happened to match my outfit. For a mere $10 from Soho you can’t go wrong really- such a bargain.

Julie our fashion assistant wore her Kate Moss outfit and the amount of women whispering “there's the Kate Moss outfit” was amazing. Julie’s outfit was well spotted.

The Kate Moss outfit

A New York based publication which I really can’t remember the name of decided to take snaps of our outfits for their publication which was a great compliment.

The Evening:

For the evening I wore my exclusive designer vintage dress and complimenting vintage brooch and my favourite black leather Chanel bag.

Today we watched shows showcasing Spring 08 collections from designers Lei Marco, Katya Leonovich, and Samata Angel. Lei Marco stunned the audience with his dramatic and glamorous women’s and men’s wear collection. To immediately follow was Moscow’s Katya Leonovich. Her new line consisted of structured, yet feminine pieces. The last designer of the night captivated us with her sexy, versatile, and sophisticated looks. Samata Angel’s Samata’s Muse was a huge hit and a great ending for the opening festivities.

Me with Nolcha CEO Kerry Bannigan

British model Natalie Hagan

Me and designer Annie S who i have not seen since fashion week 2006 in London:)

We continued the celebration at the after party taking place at Retreat. By this stage I was shattered and to top it off all the cabs were on strike :(

ladies@ Retreat

It was a wonderful and pleasurable night overall and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s shows.

More pics are availble at


Tuesday, 4 September 2007


New York the La Geneve North team have officially arrived!!! I've been so excited today considering its my first trip to New York and the fashion shows we have yet to experience are going to be amazing.

I had to wear my supersized shades to the airport to hide my bags as I have not slept for 24hrs, yes i repeat 24hrs (LOL). I tried to sleep on the plane but I found it extremely difficult.

The first thing I noticed about NYC was the spectacular weather. Why can’t we get this in London hey?

We headed straight to the apartment and without unpacking were straight out the door dieing for some American Maccy D’s.

Today was all about chilling and relaxing so we went out in the evening to have a drink and some food and ended up in Times Square. It was amazing and we had a great girly night out.

From left: Julie, Me and Beverley in Times Square

From Left: Beverley, Amelie and Julie

We went back to our apartment for some good snooze so that we were well prepared for tomorrow’s opening night at Nolcha Fashion Week ( which I’m soooo excited about.


Monday, 3 September 2007


So tomorrow I’m off to New York for the fashion week and the exclusive Nolcha Fashion week and I’ve spent all night packing. I’ve started to really regret not having done this last week but everything’s been so hectic recently that I haven’t had time L

Me and the girls keep calling each other discussing what everybody thinks their luggage weighs. It seems like its going to be an all nighter I’m afraid. I guess I’ll just have to sleep on the plane.