Friday, 30 May 2008

Tomorrow guys!!!

So I have woken extremely early today because I still have ten thousand things to do before tomorrow. My washing is one I dread cos it always takes up so much of my time. It’s true I have too many clothes despite giving a huge selection away to charity!!! I always seem to find something new and go through these dramatic colour fazes. At the moment my favourite colour is midnight blue, so anything midnight blue catches my eye and has to be bought.

Tomorrow is my first day at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane market. I am actually looking forward and will monitor which of my card collections will prove to be a popular seller in the good ole East London fashionista town.

I hope it’s a nice day tomorrow, I’ve given up on the weather forecast, so will just take it as it comes.

Right I better get ready for today’s challenges,


Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fusion of Fashion and Music Show – May

Today was the La Geneve North ( ) fashion and music event in association with Fat Talent ( ) and Urban Fashion House ( ) in Portobello, West London.

I got to the venue at around 4ish where I met with the Make-up Artists, models and our photographer John Seymour.

The venue was buzzing and had a fantastic atmosphere to it as always. It was also the birthday of one of the local ladies so it was just filled with total ambiance. There was even a Barbeque going on, so I could not help but have some chicken with rice n peas ( Yummy!!)

Our make-up artists for the day were Chia and Carmel. They done an absolutely fantastic job and the models looked amazing!!!

The designers for the night were Samantha Cole and Irate (the inventor of the tape chains).

I also had a stall for my Love Genevieve merchandise ( ) which also now has a new complimenting jewellery range. The interest generated was fantastic and I have now officially sold out of my chunky gold retro necklaces - sorry guys

I do however still have a selection of other beautiful pieces such as the one below.
Email if you are interested in seeing the full range or just pop down to the Old Truman Brewery and visit my stall on Saturdays.

Overall the night was a fun casual night which is the concept behind the shows. The atmosphere is relaxed and everybody can just let loose and just not be so serious J It’s Sunday!


Saturday, 24 May 2008


Today I went to see the amazingly talented comedian Chris Rock at the O2 centre in Greenwich. I had exclusive V.I.P tickets which was an added bonus :)

For those who have never come across the American comedian Chris Rock can read about him here. He is seriously hilarious and just too funny. I def recommend his shows for those looking for some serious laughter!!

I had the same problem I always have…What do I wear???? The sun wasn’t actually consistently shining but it was warm, so I opted for my baby pink dress with white matching sandals and a red cardi just in case the unreliable British weather decided to go cold all of a sudden- as it does (lol)
Me and a friend at the show

The traffic on the way there was absolutely manic!! I thought we were never gonna get there JEEEZZZZZZZ.

The venue was filled with thousands of people, I mean I’ve never seen so many people at a comedy show/event.

The man himself – Chris Rock

By the end off the night I was shattered, so we headed over to Canary Wharf for a few drinks and food.

Overall it was such a wonderful addition to my Bank Holiday weekend :)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Trip down Brick Lane

Today was a beautiful yet busy day, I felt like I was on a marathon all day, trying to get from this place to that place so towards the end of the day I popped down to Brick Lane as I had to see the Truman Brewery Upmarket Team.

On my way back I bumped into this gorgeous couple and was totally loving their shades and general look.

I then popped over to designer Wale Adeyemi’s shop which had some amazing dresses, I mean seriously AMAZING dresses. I used to work round the corner at Somethin-Else Sound production and seriously lived in that shop and can see myself easily living there again as I will be round the corner every Saturday. The designer himself happened to be passing by, after all he does live on Brick Lane.

I met a talented fashion Photographer called Paz, who introduced me to this fantastic new magazine giving I.D mag a run for it’s money!!!

I then had to speak to a few galleries that were interested in commissioning my canvas fashion art pieces. I sold the few I had left and only have watercolour pieces available so looks like it’ll be a busy few weeks painting away lots of new canvasses.

Here is one of my Fashion Art pieces which always seems to wow the crowd

I took a couple of snaps of some interesting and striking art pieces transferred on the walls.

I thought this piece was beautiful and so tropical.

I will be in Brick Lane next Saturday selling and promoting my fashion art collection ‘Love Genevieve’ and new exclusive complimenting jewellery range at the Upmarket, Truman Brewery so pop over and say Hi if you’re around the area.


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Providing a platform for emerging UK designers and musicians to showcase their creations

Providing a platform for emerging UK designers and musicians to showcase their creations
May 25th will see the re-launch of the monthly fashion and music event brought to you by La Geneve North ( )and Fat Talent ( )
This informal fashion and music event enables you to experience Fat Talent's best live acts perform and a fashion show put together by the La Geneve North Team.

The aim of the monthly shows are to ‘Celebrate the fusion of fashion and music’ by combining the two into one spectacular informal evening. The night consists of live entertainment and a fashion show destined to support the UK’s best emerging talents. With a diverse crowd of passionate music and fashion enthusiast in attendance, designers with edge are ensured to reach their hard-to-reach target customers. Aspiring and emerging designers are given the opportunity to showcase their designs to a crowd of music and fashion enthusiast at the renowned creative Arts venue 'Inn on the Green'. Just a stone throw away from Portobello, so be expected to mingle with a cosmopolitan crowd

“The Inn on the Green is a restaurant and bar that also boasts an impressive reputation for showcasing the very best in creative arts. Serving up live music, performing arts and one off events, the Inn on the Green is west London’s liveliest live venue”

La Geneve North editor in chief, Yolande explains “We aim to present the audience with an entertaining evening in a relaxed environment where up and coming designers can showcase their works. As an up and coming designer we know how difficult it is for them to gain greater exposure for their creations so we do our part in trying to make this happen by bridging this gap.”

As well as designers gaining greater exposure for their collections to a savvy crowd of fashion and music enthusiasts. They will also get the opportunity to be interviewed by one of the writers from La Geneve North online ( , for it to appear on their website and monthly newsletter which boasts an international subscription list of 19-35 year olds.

Fat Talent and La Geneve North believe in offering the best up and coming artists in fashion and music, a platform to show off their talents in a relaxed environment.

For more information please visit:

If you are a designer and would like to showcase your designs at one of our events please email: for an information pack.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or stall opportunities please email:

Aspiring fashion photographers, Make-up Artists, stylists and general work experience are also welcome to apply. Please email

Show start time: 19.30Venue Address: Inn on the Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove

Nearest Train Station: Kensal Green


Tickets: £5 on the doorContact:

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Seriously…do you like?

So I bought these shoes (well I think they can be classed as that?? ) recently and finally wore them the other day.

I bought them from a small shoe shop in Camden which imports designer look a-like shoes from Hong Kong.

It appears my friends and family seem to enjoy referring to them as “Interesting”, I’m not quite convinced by that description that they like them but I certainly do :)

They’re so, so comfy too :)

So what do you think of them?


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Chanel Shades+Christian Dior shades + Sunshine = Yolande

OMG I am so loving the recent weather. Seriously I’m all smiles everyday when the sun is out, I mean I’m a smiley person in general and it’s ten times more when the “Sun is shining…weather is sweet” (K, K enough of my singing there)

But today was a lovely day in general. I spent my morning/afternoon at 4 Seasons Shop boutique which is also where my fashion card collection is sold so if you’re ever in the area on the weekend feel free to pop in and say hello :)

My friend Julie then came to meet me and absolutely fell in love with the shop. She ended finding some amazing jewellery pieces which I didn’t even spot and I have a serious eye for exquisitely chic things (lol).

You can view some of 4 Seasons Shop’s amazing jewellery pieces at . It has’nt got everything on there as things come and go so quickly and sometimes sell out completely so it’s def worth coming down and having a browse.

We then headed straight to the park after Julie’s shop.

I get really bad hay fever so I try and ensure I wear shades at all times when I’m in the park. Today I wore my black large framed Chanel shades.

Below pic: Me in my Chanel shades (sorry the pic is a bit blurry...we were zooming in the car)

My friend Julie wore her amazingly beautiful new Christian Dior shades which I so want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously these shades are a must.

Below pic: Julie in her adorable Christian Dior Shades

The rest of the day was spent chilllaxin with a bunch of lovely laydeeeeeeess


Friday, 9 May 2008

Kingly Court, Strada and Usher ...

Today was another beautiful and sunny day in good old England. I managed to sit in Kingly Court without going to Traffic People ( I honestly love that shop!!) I did however somehow end up in Marshmallow Mountain. If you are ever in the area its def work a quick pop in, they have some amazing unique pieces!!! I will try to post some pics of some of the great clothing and footwear I have bought from there.

After Kingly Court we headed down to Strada for a meal and I had the most amazing pasta!!!

I was exhausted after Strada so decided it was home time…then I remembered a few friends I haven’t seen were in the area. I met up with Albie and Daryl and a few others outside Paper Night Club.

My friend Albie is just so stylish! Check out his blog @

They somehow twisted my arm and insisted I have a drink with them in paper before I head home, so I did and by the time I knew it Usher came into the club singing happy Birthday.

I so was not expecting it guys so my camera was not at hand. I managed to get the below shot but missed Usher. My friend got a load of great shots so I will post some of her ones when I get them.

Below pic: Damn just missed Usher in the shot

The girls have spotted him :)

Girls jus wanna have fun!!

Sanaa really getting into the groove…by the way she is an amazing architect ( )

Blue is my fave colour at the moment so I had to snap up this girl’s cute blue dress!!

Below pic: I have fallen for these mini chandeliers

Basically Usher got paid £500,000 to perform by businessman Andrew Williams. It was Andrew’s surprise and birthday present to his girlfriend Katie Teague.

Katie also had a cake at hand for her as Usher sang her Happy Birthday. This cake was like the biggest cake I have ever seen!!! It was incredible!!! Also amongst the celebrities were Pete Doherty.

Usher’s wife, Tameka, later joined them in the V.I.P section where they partied until 2am!!! By which time I was on my journey home falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz