Friday, 9 May 2008

Kingly Court, Strada and Usher ...

Today was another beautiful and sunny day in good old England. I managed to sit in Kingly Court without going to Traffic People ( I honestly love that shop!!) I did however somehow end up in Marshmallow Mountain. If you are ever in the area its def work a quick pop in, they have some amazing unique pieces!!! I will try to post some pics of some of the great clothing and footwear I have bought from there.

After Kingly Court we headed down to Strada for a meal and I had the most amazing pasta!!!

I was exhausted after Strada so decided it was home time…then I remembered a few friends I haven’t seen were in the area. I met up with Albie and Daryl and a few others outside Paper Night Club.

My friend Albie is just so stylish! Check out his blog @

They somehow twisted my arm and insisted I have a drink with them in paper before I head home, so I did and by the time I knew it Usher came into the club singing happy Birthday.

I so was not expecting it guys so my camera was not at hand. I managed to get the below shot but missed Usher. My friend got a load of great shots so I will post some of her ones when I get them.

Below pic: Damn just missed Usher in the shot

The girls have spotted him :)

Girls jus wanna have fun!!

Sanaa really getting into the groove…by the way she is an amazing architect ( )

Blue is my fave colour at the moment so I had to snap up this girl’s cute blue dress!!

Below pic: I have fallen for these mini chandeliers

Basically Usher got paid £500,000 to perform by businessman Andrew Williams. It was Andrew’s surprise and birthday present to his girlfriend Katie Teague.

Katie also had a cake at hand for her as Usher sang her Happy Birthday. This cake was like the biggest cake I have ever seen!!! It was incredible!!! Also amongst the celebrities were Pete Doherty.

Usher’s wife, Tameka, later joined them in the V.I.P section where they partied until 2am!!! By which time I was on my journey home falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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