Monday, 21 September 2009

Me and Spike Lee @ the Mayfair Hotel Fashion Week Party

After the Untold LFW show I went to the Mayfair Hotel Fashion Week party to meet the stunning presenter Leah Charles and to my surprise I bumped into Spike Lee at the party.

So I had to take a quick snap before he disappeared off course!! So whilst taking the pic Estelle and Nicola from Girls Aloud walks by looking truly amazing!! and ready to party!! I must say Nicola has been making a real fashion statement throughout Fashion week, with her fab selection of outfits.

Nicola’s dress was gorgeous and she looked very striking.

I kept my style pretty simple yet elegant so opted for one of International designer Nico D’s beautiful pieces.

I also bumped into my friend Daryl, Tara Moon and Violinist Analiza Ching, Miliner and author Tracey with her husband(Below pic).

After a few dances I was shattered so called my cab and as I was waiting I bumped into Su-Elise (Mystic Band member). She was so bubbly and somehow we ended up having a brief conversation about relationships!!! But more on a positive note she has just launched her own performing Arts school in Kent which I found just so inspiring!!

My cab then arrived and I said au revoir to all and headed home to my bed :)


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