Friday, 19 February 2010

The Pre-Fashion Week Show at Movida!

So yesterday was the LGN Events pre-fashion week show and party at Celebrity nightspot, Movida .

I have not slept much recently I must say , I mean I’m talking 2-3 hours here and there as I tend to aim for perfection when it comes to work so that includes not sleeping until all the nitty gritty stuff is also good to go! I think I learnt a long time ago that time all that stuff really does not work, so if it means I have to not sleep to perfect something, I won’t.

So the Movida show last night was showcasing 6 amazing International emerging designers from as far as India (Sonya Vajifdar ).

Designers showcasing their collections included Sve by Sally Ellis, Avoh Valentine, Struppets by Nicole Hellrung, Rosie Keating, Sonya Vajifdar and Knitwear designer Lois Porte

You can read more about them here

It was raining heavily, as it always does in London, but even that did not stop the guests from arriving dead on time eagerly waiting for the show to commence.

Backstage was utter chaos during the show as you could imagine but in a fun kind of way. I know you’re thinking chaos and fun do not quite go together but in the name of fashion it‘s possible –lol

Below pics: Some backstage action!

The turn out was fantastic and it’s so great to see the British press really supporting and welcoming emerging talent.

Well I did shake a few dance moves on the dance floor with the limited amount of energy I did have left then realised I was being unrealistic about trying to party after the show when I had to be up early the next day!

I literally crashed on my bed the minute I got into my room so yeah I was shattered!!


“Don’t miss the LGN Events Boujis Closing show next Wednesday 24th Feb”


Photo credits: Harry Wade -