Monday, 23 August 2010

Trip down to Portobello!!

After a crazy morning at work and somehow getting a migraine due to lack of sleep, lol, I decided to actually take a lunch break and nip down to Portobello (my favourite West London spot) for a quick browse and grab a pizza from my favorite spot 'Arancina'. The weather was gorgeous which was great as it definitely helped with the quick recovery of my splitting headache.

Below pic: The Arancina shop window! How Cool!!

I ended up nipping into all the fabulous vintage shops and admiring all the weird and wonderful things they sell.

I came across this wonderful window display of newspapers at a shop called Yumi! How cool!!

I then stumbled across this amazing cute boutique and fell in love with their shoe range! For the life of me I can't recall the name of the shop, but managed to purchase the below shoes!!!

I love the animal print on them and liked the fact that they looked unusual!!!What do you think??? Not sure yet what I'm going to be wearing them with but I can certainly see myself rocking these at some point during fashion week so watch this space! Lol!

After purchasing the shoes I knew it was time to go home as I did not want to splurge!! Especially when I am in fact in the process of getting rid of things!!!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

At Last... A London Fashion Week Show For All! Book Your Tickets Now.....

As much as we would all love to grace the front row of the Burberry ramp or the Marc Jacobs runway; for most, this is never going to happen. So thankfully this September, La Geneve North Events have stepped in, so you too can get a seat in a spectacular catwalk extravaganza, allowing you to get the first look at Spring Summer 2011 collections.

Showcasing some of the best design talent from across the world, La Geneve Events have a limited number of tickets available for the public to their two night London Fashion Week showcase 'A La Mode.'
From Avant Garde to Couture, featuring menswear and womenswear, you can be ahead of the crowd and discover these designers first before they hit the big time. For information on the designers showcasing:

Tickets are £20 each and include entrance to the show, a champagne cocktail on arrival and a goody bag bursting at the seams.
To purchase tickets:

Monday, 16 August 2010

AMATO COUTURE…the label that got Supermodel Heidi Klum calling for more!!!

Dubai based label Amato Couture will be showcasing their amazing high fashion pieces this coming season during London Fashion Week and I have to say that just looking at their collection pieces alone has got me excited!!!!

After appearing on Germany’s Next Top Model at the request of fashion icon and former supermodel Heidi Klum, he designed his stunning staple gowns for models on the show, which led him to become an overnight celebrity in the German fashion circuit with a strong fashion following.

Led by Filipino born creative Furne One, Amato Couture is the epitome of opulence and decadence, catering to the elite and affluent women of the Arab world. Amato Couture’s creativity is famed for giving birth to exquisite gowns echoing references of bygone eras.

Taking inspiration from celebrated designers such as the late Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, Furne describes the Amato woman as someone who is ‘strong, independent, not afraid to dictate what she wants and experiment with her styles.’ Choosing Cate Blanchett as the celebrity he would most love to dress from his atelier in Dubai’s Al Hana Centre Furne believes the pinnacle of his fashion career will be ‘world domination’. Judging by his current track record and fashion accolades, he is well on his way to achieve this status.

Don’t miss Amato Couture’s London Fashion Week show which will be taking place on Friday 17 September at 7.30pm. For more information on the schedule visit

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I realise I just can’t live without you …

So recently I have realised I sooooo can’t live without the following beauty products and just had to share them with you and why they’re all the rage in my books at the moment!!:

- My Gorgeous by Gok body butter

Every time I open this pot in public someone has to come up to me and ask what it is ? and compliment on just how gorgeous it smells! This cream does not leave my handbag and works wonders on my skin!!

It’s available exclusively at boots! –

- Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

A friend of mine actually gave me this bottle whilst we were in Barbados as she realised she had in fact bought it twice ,lol, but I’m not complaining! This body mist is gorgeous!!!

- Charles Worthington straightening hair cream
OMG this is the hair straightening cream I have been searching for all my life!!!!!!! After applying this cream I blow dry my hair and manage to get the sleekest look ever! And what’s even better is it stays sleek all day!!!!!!

- Doris Michael no 6 Foundation/concealer
I accidentally discovered this brand a couple of years ago and have to say this product has been a god send and perfect for my skin!!! The amount of people I have converted to using this product could have earned me some serious commission by now-lol, :) . But honestly I love this foundation and tend to frequently use it as a concealer as it is the perfect match for my sensitive skin.

- Beauty Forever violet nail polish

I discovered this nail polish at a local beauty shop. I actually fell in love with the colour and then was told the price…it cost a mere 99p!! Yes you heard right 99p!!! What a bargain!!

- Oriflame lash explosion mascara

I am not one that generally uses mascara, due to the complicated nature of my curly eyelashes. However I had somehow managed to get eyeshadow on my lashes the other day and really needed something to disguise my dusty looking lashes. I somehow managed to have this Oriflame mascara in my beauty box and gosh did it work wonders for my lashes!!!! It has now become an addition to my beauty routine!

- And my Yelp Lip Balm
This was given to me a couple of weeks ago by a lovely lady called Lizzie so cost me nothing!. I tried it and it has not left my handbag since. The citrus flavour alone is addictive and it certainly leaves my lips all juicy and moist!!



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Friday, 13 August 2010

Fashion Brand Valery Kovalska is coming to London... :)

With Fashion Week fast approaching, I am getting more and more excited about the fabulous brands showcasing this season, so will be bringing you the Low down on some of my favourite labels showcasing this season and why they're hot!!!!!!

Russian Label Valery Kovalska launched by designer and stylist Valeria Kowalski, who also recently showcased at Russia Fashion Week, is coming to London this season to showcase their fantastic contemporary punk, rock edge collection. I am very much into the Rock Chic look at the moment having already purchased two leather biker jackets this year and Dr Martin style boots, so am soooo loving the Valery Kovalska Look.

Valery Kovalska was the first and the only Ukrainian designer and stylist who specialised in the stage outfits for the music and dance shows in Ukrain. Her main goal is to create an unforgettable image which will fully represent a person’ s individuality.

From 2005 till 2009 Valery worked with a variety of famous Ukrainian TV-Shows Shans, Lubov & Musika, Fabrika Zirok (Ukrainian version of the American Idol). Also Valery’ s clients include a lot of pop and rock music bands.

In summer 2009 Valery started a new line of dance clothes. She was the first Ukrainian designer who did the practical and professional outfit for modern dance. In October 2009 Valery opened her own atelier.

Don't miss their show this season which will be taking place on Saturday 18th September at the Strand during London Fashion Week.

For info on their show visit and for more info on the label visit

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TMC Competition and attempting not to do a Simon Cowell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So over the weekend I took part as a judge for the TMC(top model of colour) competition alongside couture designer omar mansoor and Ekaete Inyang. The event took place at the bush hall in west London and is produced by Mahoghany Models International.

Unsure of what to wear, which was partly due to the unpredictable weather I kept my ensemble simple ( long white top and leggings) and jazzed it up by wearing my favourite wardrobe piece at the moment being, My KHM Couture checked Jacket!!!!!

The Top Model of Colour (TMC) Competition provides models with exposure to the modelling industry as well as giving them the chance to find out from professionals, their true potential in becoming a professional model.

TMC runs every year and is open to female and male models of Asian, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Oriental, and Mix Heritage decent aged between 18 - 30 years of age and a minimum height of 5.1".

I tried to be as honest and open as possible without doing a "simon Cowell"!! I would say I was more of a Dani...although I don't think everyone agreed :(
Overall it was a fun night and interesting experience. It was also more work as I expected, I always thought being a judge was a pretty easy job but quickly realised it obviously isn't !!

I wish all the contestents good luck and must say the competition this year is pretty fierce!!!

Nite nite xx

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Why Nikolo Bertok is the the “Future Valentino” and will rock LFW this coming season ...

Following his brilliant success, outstanding emerging designer Nikolo Bertok will be showcasing his luxurious collection at the ‘A La Mode’ Catwalk show during London Fashion Week September 2010 .
Bertok is one of the most successful emerging fashion designers of today. Born in Bratislava, he grew up enjoying an education in the arts and became fascinated with fashion design in his early years after being inspired by his mother. At just 16 Bertok was already a serious fashion designer and within a year he single handedly produced his first fashion show with an impressive thirty-piece collection.

This young International designer has already been predicted as the “future Valentino” and been invited to participate in fashion shows all around the globe.

Bertok lives and works in London, currently studying for his second degree in Fashion and Design.

Returning for the 4th season, the ‘A La Mode’ Catwalk , hosted by LGN Events, will take place at the lavish Charing Cross Hotel located on the Strand on Friday 17th September 2010, the first day of one of fashions’ most anticipated events; London Fashion Week 2010.

Attracting press and fashion industry alike, Nikolo Bertok will be presenting his electrifying and Luxurious designs at this high profile show from 7.30pm.

For more information about the event go to

Press and buyers wishing to attend the show should email Terri at


For more information on Nikolo Bertok visit:

Contact: Dr Helga Fox (Management)
HF Contemporary Art

Monday, 2 August 2010

Trading places!!!

So on Friday night me and some friends headed down to the trading places party at Shoreditch House. The event was hosted by celebrity presenter Reggie Yates who also spun some memorable tracks on the decks.

Above: Reggie Yates on the decks!
The Ensemble:
I decided to opt for my asos floral backless jumpsuit ( ) , my fave Chanel vintage leather chain bag and Steve Madden platforms.

The event consisted of a mixed crowd ranging from fashionistas to Entertainment industry insiders.

It was so nice seeing some people I have not see in ages!!!

I must say I have not danced so much in quite a while, I was just thankful I wore my comfy Steve Madden platform shoes which carried me nicely through the night.

What a night of great vibes with great people!

Some pics from the night!

Bisous xx