Sunday, 15 August 2010

I realise I just can’t live without you …

So recently I have realised I sooooo can’t live without the following beauty products and just had to share them with you and why they’re all the rage in my books at the moment!!:

- My Gorgeous by Gok body butter

Every time I open this pot in public someone has to come up to me and ask what it is ? and compliment on just how gorgeous it smells! This cream does not leave my handbag and works wonders on my skin!!

It’s available exclusively at boots! –

- Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

A friend of mine actually gave me this bottle whilst we were in Barbados as she realised she had in fact bought it twice ,lol, but I’m not complaining! This body mist is gorgeous!!!

- Charles Worthington straightening hair cream
OMG this is the hair straightening cream I have been searching for all my life!!!!!!! After applying this cream I blow dry my hair and manage to get the sleekest look ever! And what’s even better is it stays sleek all day!!!!!!

- Doris Michael no 6 Foundation/concealer
I accidentally discovered this brand a couple of years ago and have to say this product has been a god send and perfect for my skin!!! The amount of people I have converted to using this product could have earned me some serious commission by now-lol, :) . But honestly I love this foundation and tend to frequently use it as a concealer as it is the perfect match for my sensitive skin.

- Beauty Forever violet nail polish

I discovered this nail polish at a local beauty shop. I actually fell in love with the colour and then was told the price…it cost a mere 99p!! Yes you heard right 99p!!! What a bargain!!

- Oriflame lash explosion mascara

I am not one that generally uses mascara, due to the complicated nature of my curly eyelashes. However I had somehow managed to get eyeshadow on my lashes the other day and really needed something to disguise my dusty looking lashes. I somehow managed to have this Oriflame mascara in my beauty box and gosh did it work wonders for my lashes!!!! It has now become an addition to my beauty routine!

- And my Yelp Lip Balm
This was given to me a couple of weeks ago by a lovely lady called Lizzie so cost me nothing!. I tried it and it has not left my handbag since. The citrus flavour alone is addictive and it certainly leaves my lips all juicy and moist!!



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