Tuesday, 10 August 2010

TMC Competition and attempting not to do a Simon Cowell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So over the weekend I took part as a judge for the TMC(top model of colour) competition alongside couture designer omar mansoor and Ekaete Inyang. The event took place at the bush hall in west London and is produced by Mahoghany Models International.

Unsure of what to wear, which was partly due to the unpredictable weather I kept my ensemble simple ( long white top and leggings) and jazzed it up by wearing my favourite wardrobe piece at the moment being, My KHM Couture checked Jacket!!!!!

The Top Model of Colour (TMC) Competition provides models with exposure to the modelling industry as well as giving them the chance to find out from professionals, their true potential in becoming a professional model.

TMC runs every year and is open to female and male models of Asian, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, Oriental, and Mix Heritage decent aged between 18 - 30 years of age and a minimum height of 5.1".

I tried to be as honest and open as possible without doing a "simon Cowell"!! I would say I was more of a Dani...although I don't think everyone agreed :(
Overall it was a fun night and interesting experience. It was also more work as I expected, I always thought being a judge was a pretty easy job but quickly realised it obviously isn't !!

I wish all the contestents good luck and must say the competition this year is pretty fierce!!!

Nite nite xx

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