Monday, 26 January 2009

Art Day! - Today

So last week I made a trip down to the London Graphics Centre in Covent Garden to stock up on a few Art paints. I only went to buy Acrylic paint and Watercolour paper and somehow ended up spending a fortune (lol- I mean way, way over my budget) I couldn’t help myself. Me visiting an Art shop is like a kid in a candy store. I got so over excited and wanted everything!!! My creative juices just kept flowing and it was no longer about what I needed…but what I wanted . I somehow found a use for everything, tut, tut- very bad. You should see the state of the spare room, it has become my new Art gallery/Art mess (lol).

Well today is my painting day so I am very excited and have to stay focused so unfortunately my phone is now officially on silent. It’s funny as most people assume because you can draw you do not need to concentrate. I need to be completely focused when painting otherwise I make mistakes or the painting comes out completely wrong (Well in my eyes anyway as I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work).

I will be posting up some bits as I go along so keep checking to see the various stages of my paintings :)

I bought these storage boxes in the Ikea sale which have been extremely handy!! I have used it to store all my pastels and watercolour tubes.


Below pic: A previous painting of mine- I used acrylic paints for the below landscape piece. I am a big fan of landscapes and will be painting more of them this year.

To view more of my works visit my Art site

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Yesterdays Creative Well Being event...

So yesterday I exhibited my Art works and Greeting card range at the Creative Well Being (CWB) event at Sway in Holborn. The event offered free business, health, beauty, a fashion tips and seminars. The event was put together by The Last Millionaire winner Nathaniel Peat, Chanel Edward and Angela Jules.

In attendance was celebrity presenter Richard Blackwood, Derek Redmond ( One of Britain’s greatest ever 400m athletes), Kubi Springer and host Isaak Badru.

I had a fantastic response towards my cards with people amazed with the ideas and range of designs. My cards also generated interest from boutique owners and press so am very excited about that!!!

My bestsellers were the Ankara Card and Fro sister card.

Below pic: The Ankara Card- The headgear is made from traditional African Fabric.

Below pic: Fro Sister card

My good friend designer Georgette Willaims (Georgie W Couture) was at the event exhibiting and showcasing her collection in the fashion show. I also bumped into a model I worked with last year on the La Dolce Vita catwalk event I was directing. She was so sweet as always!!!

Above pic: Moi (in blue dress) with designer Lilly J (Grey dress) and models at my stand :)

Designer Lilly J was also showcasing her amazing designs. Her shop is based at 144 Queensway, London W2 6LY.

I met loads of other amazing creatively talented people.

I came across the Vanessa Blake cosmetic line for the first time and the lady herself. As a woman of colour I know how hard it is to find great products for our skin types here in the UK so when you come across amazing quality brands like Vanessa Blake ( ) you do truly have to be thankful!! I was in awe honestly. I tried the products for myself and they are fantastic!!!

Below pic: Vanessa Blake make-up artist with the lady herself Vanessa Blake( b/w dress)

Overall the event was a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and showcase your products to the public and press so a big thank you and congrats to CWB.



Friday, 23 January 2009

Don't Miss this event on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

TV Star Launches Business and Beauty Exhibition

The star of BBC reality TV show The Last Millionaire has joined forces with a team of entrepreneurs to launch a one-stop, self help exhibition in London this weekend.

Set to be one of the first events of its kind, Creative Well Being (CWB) offers free business, health, beauty and fashion tips, and a chance to network with celebrities and motivational speakers.

CWB director and The Last Millionaire winner Nathaniel Peat said: 'There has never been a place where you could get all of this under one roof.

'For many of us, the constant pressure of wanting to maintain a good image can often become very costly, not to mention frustrating. CWB offers clients inspirational and cost effective solutions to all their personal needs.'

Fellow directors Chanel Edward and Angela Jules added: 'We realised that wellbeing is not just about having a good job or running a successful business, it's about happiness in life.'

Former 400m sprint champion Derek Redmond will be among the guest speakers at the event, which aims to enhance lives by boosting confidence.

Derek is best remembered for showing breathtaking determination during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when his hamstring snapped during the 400m semi-finals.

Despite his injury, the courageous sprinter struggled to his feet, hobbled the remaining 250 metres and finished the race.


PS: Keep a look out for my Fashion Art Stand at the event and pop over say hello...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Young sassy and taking the entertainment industry by storm…Portia Freno

This month I interviewed the gorgeous Portia Freno whom some of you may or may not yet have come across but . She not only has the beauty but also the brains having studied Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and World History.

My exclusive interview with this stunning 22yr old model, presenter and entrepreneur highlights how going for your dreams and remaining positive can take you places you never imagined going…

Enjoy and let me know what you think guys

Yolande XXx


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Entrepreneurial, fiery, emotional

How did you initially break into the modelling industry?

It all started when I got scouted by a photographer and shot a commercial, but I didn't take it that seriously and left to study. But I would say my break into the industry has been within the last year; everything has moved really quickly and I am now beginning to get a lot of recognition for my efforts; not only in modeling, but in presenting and for my various projects. My initial break in the States was my spread for SHOW magazine. I shot in LA but the mag is sold internationally. I am still the only European model to feature in the mag

I read you also have your own TV show, what's it all about?

Lol, everyone is eagerly awaiting the airing of Diva Diaries. I am co presenting with no.1 Chinese rnb singer Ayi Jihu, covering great cities, great music, clubs, fashion, events etc. It is a reality show and the initial filming has been a lot of fun. Ayi and I have really good chemistry and are really excited

Tell me more about your Youth Charity Project?

I want to build career development centres, initially in and around London, for the youth. It is an anti gun and knife crime organisation. We need to help change the attitudes of those that feel they need to carry a gun or knife to feel safe. From a young age, boys are being brainwashed and influenced; I want to give them a positive focus and more confidence and support to pursue their dreams, and get them off the streets. I have a lot of exciting projects coming up and will be using the proceeds from them to help push the charity forward. In the near future, you will also see me on a lot of panels, forums and in a lot of discussions concerning the upsetting growth of violence amongst young people. Look out for more info, and please also join the charity page on FaceBook

What is the aim of your modelling workshops and how can one join/sign up?

The aim is to give aspiring models an insight into the industry, not just from my experience but also many other professionals. The classes cover make up, castings, legal advice, personal advice and self-promotion, marketing skills. You get catwalk training, a photoshoot and portfolio and a showreel. The workshop is about to get really really big! I now have some great people involved who work with big stars and can offer invaluable advice and training. There is a huge waiting list! But my team and I kinda pick and choose for some classes; others are open or first come first serve. For more info you can contact my assistant or check out and join the workshop page on facebook. My website will also have all the relevant information following its launch on the 1st Feb. On that note, my official webite and Members Only site launch is on the 1st Feb at Vendome, Knightsbridge. For guestlist or tables contact My Member's Only site will also be very beneficial for aspiring models; I will continuosly post up advice and video blogs and you will be able to follow me around a lot of the time which means you can also learn from me and see how I work! You can sign up in advance via the current site,
What advice can you give to young women trying to break into the modelling industry?

To not give up but at the same time know your market, know what makes your look special. There's no point always going for jobs you aren't right for. Try different styles until you find the one that is right for you; don't be scared to leave your comfort zone. Be selective about the jobs you take. Don't put your face on anything and everything just for the sake of getting work. I turn down more jobs than I take on. Take yourself seriously because if you don't noone ele will. Work on your other talents besides modelling because you will need to have more to offer than just a pretty face if you want longevity and a long career. I'm not going to say anymore; you will have to be a member or attend a workshop if you want to hear more ;)

What kind of obstacles have you come across in the Entertainment industry, especially as a young female, and how have you overcome/dealt with them?

Well I mean obstacles come with any job or career you decide to pursue. The typical ones in this industry are obviously having job offers that aren't serious, or too many creeps trying to get you in bed. I've been quite fortunate and the only real "obstacles" I've had, and I quote the word beause they aren't really obstacles, are just haters or time-wasters; but they don't phase me. I'm still doing my thing. Most time wasters leave me alone once they approach me and realise how serious I actually am

What can we expect from Portia Freno in the future?

Now that would be telling! Those who know me personally or work with me wouldn't be surprised as they know my determination and capabilities, but those who don't may be surprised by the projects I have coming up; they will show a whole new side to me and will really be a big reflection of my entrepreneurial skills. Just expect to see, and hear, a lot more of me. What you are seeing now is just the beginning of a brand

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?

Not giving up or not resorting to doing the typical sleazy jobs/shoots that some models seem to be doing these days. It might not sound like a big achievement but I am proud of myself for sticking to my choice to know my worth and take the time to find my identity and the right route for me. I am also proud of being the first and only model to do a spread for SHOW mag, for getting a shout out from Kanye himself on his personal blog (I have never met him but he heard about me and I was flattered that he recognized what I am doing) I found out the other day I made the top 10 girls of 08 on Kanye's blog as well. Kanye West is huge so it is a good look for me. My main biggest achievement is in fact something I can't disclose right now until the legal side has been sorted out, but I found out a few weeks ago and I promise once that is all tied up I will be mentioning it on my blog There will be a big launch for the project as well so keep a look out

What would you say motivates you?

Success, seeing results or being able to see the end result. Happiness, having fun, challenges. Having a family that I want to look after...many things

How did your collaboration with Shoot magazine come about?

It was quite simple; I submitted my pictures straight to the editor via email. They loved my look so much that I was asked to shoot for them, despite them only having used models from the States up until then.

Favourite quote?

I don't really have a favourite quote. To be honest I have a different favourite by the day and they usually come from wise people around me who send me inspiring words that usually relate to what is going on with me at the time.

Favourite Book?

Oh I ADORE reading although if I am honest lately I rarely have the time and when I do have free time it's usually spent on working anyway so I have been neglecting books recently. :( It takes me a few hours to read a book though; I read Ugly in a couple of hours the other day and it was very touching. I also love Cupcake Brown and Monster. To be honest I enjoy all genres though, from chick flick type books and comedies, through to autobiographies and novels

Many thanks for your time

You are very welcome ;)

Check out Portia’s websites:

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Memoirs of China…

I mentioned previously that I was away and would be telling you all about it…so here it is…all about my trip and experience to China.

I went to China just before Christmas in the quest to assist my mother with finding and sourcing the perfect fabrics for an interior project she has been working on.

Although my mother was excited (and so was I) it was the first time I was going to Asia and I was dreading the flight. Yes unfortunately I have some sort of fear of flying(lol). I say ‘sort of’ as in that I get very excited about going away yet at the same time I fear the jetting off and landing of the plane and frustration of boredom (despite having a list of a billion and one things to do when I get on the plane.)

Our total journey worked out to be approximately 13 hours with one stop at Dubai :( ( Yes I know 13 hours…ok its not like I was going Australia but for me the thought of 13 hours of travelling was draining already without the journey beginning). I decided to fly with Emirates as I heard good things about them and that they were great for long distance travelling…and it wasn’t a Myth! I travelled in sheer comfort flying with Emirates and the level of service was second to none. And the FOOD (you know I lovvvvveeee my FOOD) was AMAZING! I hate plane food but flying with Emirates changed all that.

So after 13 hours of travelling I finally arrive in China. Leaving the Airport was a complete nightmare I mean c’mon for gods sake I’m not trying to smuggle into China to live you know(lol)!! I’m just here on a business trip, why all the drama??

N-wayz that was just the beginning of my long night. My mother was already at the hotel as she arrived earlier so I had to find a taxi to take me to the hotel and as simple as that sounds…that was not the case. Initially the guy who had booked me the Taxi spoke English so I assumed the driver also spoke at least a little English…but I was soooo wrong. To make matters worse after leaving the Airport the driver somehow lost my hotel business card and communication was completely lost. The driver solely spoke Chinese and at this point my English, French or Italian could not save me!! I started trying to communicate with him via sign language but he just smiled, stared and looked at me blankly!! By this stage we were in a driveway park kinda place and we literally sat in the car for 30mins- I was completely frustrated and irritated. Every sign was in Chinese and no English words were even evident. For some reason I expected it to be similar in some ways to Hong Kong in terms of the language scenario but I don’t even know what I was thinking (lol). So it suddenly daunt on me that I had saved our hotel number in my phone. From there I was able to call the hotel who had English speaking who were able to locate my mother and direct the driver in Chinese-Phew! I was relieved to finally arrive at the hotel and went straight to bed.

In the morning we made our way to various fabric manufacturers and Suppliers. My mother’s assistant who spoke Chinese came with us and we had a very productive morning. My mother immediately found the styles she wanted and was looking for and I was able to suggest new styles which I felt were crucial to her project.

Below pic: The gorgeous range of fabrics available at one of the fabric warehouses.

By the afternoon I was starving considering I did not have any breakfast. I was so excited as in London I overkill the Chinese food by having a complete overdose all the time! So when I say I was really looking forward to the Chinese food, I mean I was really looking forward. All I can say is the food in China was so disappointing and horrid. I thought maybe we chose the wrong restaurant but throughout my stay in China there was only 1 time where I could say I really enjoyed the food. All the other times were hoRrible. I really appreciate Chinese food in London more now.

Below pic: Man in the street strikes a pose for me in China

As the days went by I started to learn the routes to places and have a great time. I met some AMAZING Chinese people and the Chinese women were admiring my mother’s curly hair to the point where she was getting photographed (lol) we just laughed about it as I thought it was hilarious!! The Chinese people were so friendly and I eventually met and became friends with a lovely young woman called Jenny who had just graduated from English and Business studies -who was a great help.

Below pic: AN interesting building capture by me ( I love my landscapes)

Although I enjoyed my stay in China and was able to further my business knowledge, I was glad to be back home and to EAT meat once again.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

For all you Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers !!

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers launch at World Duty Free

The new scents from Gwen Stefani are available exculsively at World Duty Free until Frebruary 2009 priced at £16.

The five beautiful fragrances are presented as miniature Japanese dolls which are synonymous with Gwen Stefani and not only represent her backing dancers, but her unique style too. Named Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby and G, they are sure to be a hit with World Duty Free customers.

All the fragrances are floral in scent with undertones of Creamy Vanilla Orchid, Pineapple, Sparkling Pear, Orange Flower, or Fresh Coconut. Inspired by the electric street scene of the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo, the Harajuku Lovers collection captures the lyrics and iconography from Gwen Stefani's albums.

"Like all girls, Gwen Stefani's Harajuka Dolls make time for a spot of sightseeing in London."

Saturday, 10 January 2009