Monday, 26 January 2009

Art Day! - Today

So last week I made a trip down to the London Graphics Centre in Covent Garden to stock up on a few Art paints. I only went to buy Acrylic paint and Watercolour paper and somehow ended up spending a fortune (lol- I mean way, way over my budget) I couldn’t help myself. Me visiting an Art shop is like a kid in a candy store. I got so over excited and wanted everything!!! My creative juices just kept flowing and it was no longer about what I needed…but what I wanted . I somehow found a use for everything, tut, tut- very bad. You should see the state of the spare room, it has become my new Art gallery/Art mess (lol).

Well today is my painting day so I am very excited and have to stay focused so unfortunately my phone is now officially on silent. It’s funny as most people assume because you can draw you do not need to concentrate. I need to be completely focused when painting otherwise I make mistakes or the painting comes out completely wrong (Well in my eyes anyway as I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work).

I will be posting up some bits as I go along so keep checking to see the various stages of my paintings :)

I bought these storage boxes in the Ikea sale which have been extremely handy!! I have used it to store all my pastels and watercolour tubes.


Below pic: A previous painting of mine- I used acrylic paints for the below landscape piece. I am a big fan of landscapes and will be painting more of them this year.

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