Friday, 27 July 2007

My Radio interview for resonance 104.4 FM by Tracey Moberley

Above Pic from Left: Tracey Moberely

Today I attended a morning radio interview with Tracey Moberly ( for Resonance 104.4 to talk about my current Art Exhibition “Love Genevieve”. Despite being shattered from last night’s launch night it was time well spent.
I spoke about the collection and other what it’s all about. I will be uploading a
link shortly for those who would like to listen to it
To View my Art collection visit:

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Yolande Letshou’s Fashion Art Exhibition Launch Night

Today was the launch night for my fashion art collection entitled “Love Genevieve”.

Love Genevieve consists of a selection of unique Fashion Art merchandise all original paintings, drawings/illustrations by myself Yolande Letshou.

The night had a fantastic turn out with a great mix of fashion and art professionals. I was very delighted with everybody’s comments and everyone who popped in to have a browse and say hello. It was lovely to meet some of you in person for the first time and a big thank you again for those who made an effort to come down and support.

For those who were unable to make it to the launch night my works will be displayed at the Foundry until 5th August 2007 so feel free to pop by x

Some Pics From the Night:

From left: Nicola Milburn, Me, Ady (Founder of Urban Fashion House and Fat Talent), Fashion Designer Regina.

Ozlem Dogan and Tammy Valentine

Photographer, Ola

Draw UK's Desmond and Charles and fashionista Julie

Charles Gordon and Simonne Jackson

Ozzie decides to contribute

Amelie Lafond creative director and designer Georgy

Fashion Designer Darrel and Fashion photographer Alex Leorndhart

The Foundry
The Foundry is at 86 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JL
Old Street tube (exit3) t 020 7739 6900 e

To go to my Art website go to

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

First day of Exhibition

Today was my first exhibition day at the Foundry. My work will be displayed there for two weeks so if anyone is in and around the area please feel free to pop in browse my work and if you have time do sign my guestbook.

At the opening Poet, Dennis, fell in love with my graduating in style piece and even made a poem on the spot to reflect his thoughts on that particular piece.

Me and poet Dennis

Well hopefully see you all this Thursday at the launch opening celebration!

Visit my exhibition @

The Foundry, Old Street, Great Eastern Street – Visit for more info

Visit my art website:

Monday, 16 July 2007

My Exclusive Fashion Art Exhibition

Thursday 26th July 2007 is the confirmed launch night of my fashion Art Exhibition, showcasing at The Foundry Old Street. I am so excited about the feedback and review of my new Art collection as it's been a year since my first major fashion art collection.

You will get to see my latest works and canvas pieces as I know many always ask about my works etc.

Feel free to come down from 7pm onwards and do stay for a drink ...or two

Yolande xx

Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Talent Magazine Launch

Today I went to the exclusive Talent Magazine launch at the luxurious Mamilanji, on Kings Road, Chelsea. Having had my phone stolen on my way there meant I had to just hope the rest of the La Geneve North team would find their way there without any problems.

Fashion Editor and designer Samata Angel and the rest of the editorial team, Zara Adams (Editor), Leoni Kibbey (Film Editor) and Emily Rose (TV Presenter Editor) were on hand at the exclusive event to celebrate the launch with Channel 4 present filming.

Amongst the guests included Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Supermodel Jessica Pain, Tim Noble, Lady Lush , Celebrity talent agent Petra from Somethin-else Sound productions (, Nolcha director Kerry Bannigan ( and many more.

We were entertained by a wonderfully selected live PA performance and amongst the media crowd were Sky, Daily Express, Xpedia media and many more.

Overall it was a fantastic night with a fabulous crowd. The quality of the magazine was very impressive and I particularly loved the fashion section!

Look out for this fantastic magazine out in Borders, WH Smith’s, Sainsbury’s and selected news agents.

Pics from the night:

Striking a pose in front of the cover

Julie and Me

From Right: Lady Lush and friend

Kerry and Fashion Photographer Alex Leorndaht

Julie, Petra (celebrity agent) and Kerry Bannigan (Ceo of

Me and Charles Gordon of Draw UK Ltd

Me and Julie finally get a chance to sit down :)

Me and Vivienne Boateng of Dentaa's Show

About the Talent Magazine:

Created by professionals in the film, TV, Fashion and Media industries, The Talent Magazine caters to a niche market and previously under-represented collection of emerging talent. It provides as well-raised platform for these individuals to showcase their work in creative industries, alongside a base for industry professionals to connect and seek advice for upcoming projects.

A pioneer in its choice of topic, the Talent Magazine commits to promoting new talent, and with only 4 editions a year and a huge variety of distribution channels, it carefully selects material from industry professionals, information and opportunities for upcoming artists and profiles of new talent.