Tuesday, 24 July 2007

First day of Exhibition

Today was my first exhibition day at the Foundry. My work will be displayed there for two weeks so if anyone is in and around the area please feel free to pop in browse my work and if you have time do sign my guestbook.

At the opening Poet, Dennis, fell in love with my graduating in style piece and even made a poem on the spot to reflect his thoughts on that particular piece.

Me and poet Dennis

Well hopefully see you all this Thursday at the launch opening celebration!

Visit my exhibition @

The Foundry, Old Street, Great Eastern Street – Visit www.foundry.tv for more info

Visit my art website: www.lovegenevieve.co.uk

1 comment:

tilda said...

First of all.. You should really put up an email address on your sidebar or something :)

Now.. I totally found you by accident, a combination of insomnia and reading through one of the million fashion websites/blogs that I have bookmarked... One linked to you, and for some reason, I clicked... And yeah, I've read every post you've written... Ever.

I have even looked at your art work which by the way, I love and think you are very talented! Congratulations on your show.. Wish I knew about you then, I would definitely have stopped by.

About me (the person you probably now assume is your deranged stalker)... I am a recent graduate of the London College of Fashion, I'm currently doing a journalism course and I am also in the process of creating and launching my own fashion website/zine... I also model professionally.

So yes, you could say I am all round fashion obsessed, from the modelling, to the studying of design, and now the zine...

This is why I have been reading your blog, you seem obsessed (in the best possible way!) and it is truly a pleasure to come across another black woman in London who has such a positive and international view of fashion... I've noticed refrences to high street fashion, urban fashion and real haute couture...

What is the point of this long comment... I'm not sure.

Just wanted to say hello! You're amazing, keep up the good work!

Hopefully when you put up an email address I will be able so send you more details about the launch of the zine that is.

Positive vibes and all the best to you!