Thursday, 29 March 2007

The return of Nolcha Fashion week Sept 07...

Last year I went to Nolcha Fashion week London (Sept 06) , and I must say I was completely besotted with the amazing runway collections by some of New York's most finest elite designers which included, Marchello's Ean's Crying tears collection, Annie S and Royal T.

Model in 'Crying tears'

Well Nolcha Fashion week NYC commences in Sept 07 and be prepared for another range of fabulous elite designers works being strutted down the runway. Nolcha Fashion Week in NYC is an unprecedented event for emerging talent across the globe. offers the resources for designers, models, stylists and photographers to empower themselves and their careers; these beliefs are being brought alive through a week vigor, ideas and outstanding glamour.

This year's event is even more exciting as they will be announcing the winner of their INTERNATIONAL FASHION DESIGNER COMPETITION, currently still accepting entrants- to find out more or to enter visit

Some Snaps from Last Year's Nolcha event

My friends: Mary Bello and La Geneve North's lifestyle coloumnist Fon Browndy

From Left: La Geneve North's contributing fashion writer Krysty Hazell with a friend

Designer Marchello Eans ( ) before our Interview
Designer Ana Segura ( Annie S ) before our interview
A couple of Models Backstage

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Street Trends: Scusi per favore, io palare Italiano :)

Yes indeed that was me today when I spotted two fabulous Italian fashionista’s in good old Camden town. The sun was shining and everybody seemed very Merry. I was trying to figure whether it was simply due to the weather or the fact that Camden has a great buzz about it.

Well anyway I was coming from Stables Market and could not help notice these two lovely fashionista’s who happened to be stylists from Italy (and one of them was also a model). They were very bubbly and we had a brief conversation where I decided to somehow convert the conversation from English speaking to Italian. I think I got over-excited as Italian is a language I learnt for 6 years yet my utilization of it is very little- obviously due to the fact that I live in England J Maybe if travelled to Italy more frequently my Italian grammar might actually rapidly improve hhhmmmmmm.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Totally mad for Madge…

As much as I would have loved to be at the opening of Madonna’s H&M collection, after reading about the chaos and the whole previous experience of Stella McCartney’s launch for H&M I was immediately reminded about why I don’t go these openings.

I just wasn’t brave enough to freeze my butt of in a never ending queueL. I do honestly rate people who do actually go through the process and pick up some great buys. All in all I do like Madonna’s style and having seen peeks of her collection the pieces do indeed look tempting.

I ‘m liking these collaborations and would just like to know when H&M will collaborate with Victoria Beckham? As I do love her fashion sense.

Well not long left now for Kate Moss’s Topshop range launch- that’s one I know will be one of the most chaotic and pleasantly traumatizing openings – if that makes any sense :)

Free Spectacular fashion/modeling event hosted by Phloh magazine...

PHLOH magazine hosts another spectacular fashion event in West London 30th March 07 will celebrate the search of PHLOH magazine’s face of 2007 competition. The competition has been set out to find the next top female and male model to be the face of PHLOH MAGAZINE 2007. This event described as ‘Urban Chic’ by PHLOH editor Phil Holder, will take place at Central London’s Gama Bar just off Oxford Circus in Soho.

The two lucky winners will be announced in the finale on May 1st and will receive a photo shoot with a top stylist and fashion designer along with outfits from Philmore Claque designer collection as well as a 12 month contract with Impact Modelling Agency.

For those who attended PHLOH magazine’s last event which celebrated their 1st year anniversary, can be ensured to dance the night away once again with a beautiful urban crowd from the creative industries.

The event will include a collection of PHLOH T-shirts, exclusively designed by Artist Yolande Letshou ( ) ,being showcased and strutted by the competition finalists. A lucky attendee will also get the chance to win an exclusive photo shoot in the VIP area on the night, so be prepared for VIP treatment. Wine and dine the night away with some of London’s most fabulous urban crowd. Expected attendees upon the night include a range of clientele from the fashion, media and modelling agencies.

PHLOH magazine have worked, featured and collaborated with some of the UK and America’s finest urban artists and models who include DJ Sassy, Jasmia Robinson (from Britain’s Next Top model 2), John Legend, Asher D, Emily Rose, Blackbuddafly and so much more. The doors of glam and dance will open at 7.00pm Admission is Free (Strictly guestlist only) To get on the guestlist or for more information, please email

About PHLOH:

PHLOH is unique online style and lifestyle magazine. It’s purpose is to inject sophistication, style and intelligent opinions into the urban community. It aims to be trend setters and pioneers in the fashion and entertainment world, promoting suavity, class, and elegance with a touch of street swagger, which is something lacking in the urban scene. As a team PHLOH collectively seeks to highlight the positive aspects of the Urban Lifestyle Visit

Monday, 19 March 2007

Lovin my Ugly Betty piece ...

This Art piece of mine seems to be a real fave for most people at the mo. I drew and painted it using Acrylic last summer (06) on my door step as a way of relaxing. Art really is my medicine as it always relaxes me and gets my creative juices thinking :) Me, my paintbrush and I ...

For more of my works or to purchase this card visit

Friday, 16 March 2007

Britain's answer to fashionistas on a budget...

When I first came across Primark via word of mouth and the amount of editorials featured of the Company, I was in disbelief that new fashionable items could ever be as cheap as some of the prices quoted to me. Now I am officially a fan of their throwaway fashions as I visited their Hammersmith branch and managed o somehow pick up everything :) I was way over my estimated shopping budget which showed me how easily you could get carried away in this store.

All my friends warned me by saying "you're gonna end up buying everything and anything cos its so cheap you think what the hell". Well they were right!

When I worked in Buying a few years ago at the Corporate offices of John Lewis, all the girls on my floor tended to always look effortlessly stylish hinting to me "Go to Primark it only cost a fiver"

So now I have a collection of Primark bargains which I tend to mix and match with other pieces.

Below are some of my recent purchases I just simply adore...

This gorgeous light flowy print top cost me only a fiver, yes I qoute a "fiver". I love the whole ethnic print to it and know it will go really well with by black leggings.

This is my favourite buy at the moment. I love the colour of this trench coat and 3 1/4 arms and guess what? It only cost me 12 quid (£12).

Now with fashion pieces at those bargain prices, who cares if I only ever wear it once.

When I recently visited Birmingham I decided to take a picture of these Primark window displays of items I could hunt down in London as they were sold out in Birmingham

Thursday, 15 March 2007


Hello all and thank you for visiting my blog. After managing other blogs for so long I have finally decided to do a blog about my fashion life.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and ensure you visit reguarly to not miss out on the fun, glitz and glam of a North London fashionista (Moi)

Ta Ta for now,

Yolanda x