Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Street Trends: Scusi per favore, io palare Italiano :)

Yes indeed that was me today when I spotted two fabulous Italian fashionista’s in good old Camden town. The sun was shining and everybody seemed very Merry. I was trying to figure whether it was simply due to the weather or the fact that Camden has a great buzz about it.

Well anyway I was coming from Stables Market and could not help notice these two lovely fashionista’s who happened to be stylists from Italy (and one of them was also a model). They were very bubbly and we had a brief conversation where I decided to somehow convert the conversation from English speaking to Italian. I think I got over-excited as Italian is a language I learnt for 6 years yet my utilization of it is very little- obviously due to the fact that I live in England J Maybe if travelled to Italy more frequently my Italian grammar might actually rapidly improve hhhmmmmmm.

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