Friday, 16 March 2007

Britain's answer to fashionistas on a budget...

When I first came across Primark via word of mouth and the amount of editorials featured of the Company, I was in disbelief that new fashionable items could ever be as cheap as some of the prices quoted to me. Now I am officially a fan of their throwaway fashions as I visited their Hammersmith branch and managed o somehow pick up everything :) I was way over my estimated shopping budget which showed me how easily you could get carried away in this store.

All my friends warned me by saying "you're gonna end up buying everything and anything cos its so cheap you think what the hell". Well they were right!

When I worked in Buying a few years ago at the Corporate offices of John Lewis, all the girls on my floor tended to always look effortlessly stylish hinting to me "Go to Primark it only cost a fiver"

So now I have a collection of Primark bargains which I tend to mix and match with other pieces.

Below are some of my recent purchases I just simply adore...

This gorgeous light flowy print top cost me only a fiver, yes I qoute a "fiver". I love the whole ethnic print to it and know it will go really well with by black leggings.

This is my favourite buy at the moment. I love the colour of this trench coat and 3 1/4 arms and guess what? It only cost me 12 quid (£12).

Now with fashion pieces at those bargain prices, who cares if I only ever wear it once.

When I recently visited Birmingham I decided to take a picture of these Primark window displays of items I could hunt down in London as they were sold out in Birmingham

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