Monday, 23 August 2010

Trip down to Portobello!!

After a crazy morning at work and somehow getting a migraine due to lack of sleep, lol, I decided to actually take a lunch break and nip down to Portobello (my favourite West London spot) for a quick browse and grab a pizza from my favorite spot 'Arancina'. The weather was gorgeous which was great as it definitely helped with the quick recovery of my splitting headache.

Below pic: The Arancina shop window! How Cool!!

I ended up nipping into all the fabulous vintage shops and admiring all the weird and wonderful things they sell.

I came across this wonderful window display of newspapers at a shop called Yumi! How cool!!

I then stumbled across this amazing cute boutique and fell in love with their shoe range! For the life of me I can't recall the name of the shop, but managed to purchase the below shoes!!!

I love the animal print on them and liked the fact that they looked unusual!!!What do you think??? Not sure yet what I'm going to be wearing them with but I can certainly see myself rocking these at some point during fashion week so watch this space! Lol!

After purchasing the shoes I knew it was time to go home as I did not want to splurge!! Especially when I am in fact in the process of getting rid of things!!!


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