Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Vogue Fashion night out and Pre London Fashion Week Celebrations

Hi guys,

I can’t believe fashion week is nearly here again…I feel like the previous season was the other day!!! But anyway I’m not complaining, I am in fact extremely excited about all the glitz and glamour etc etc that will be happening next week in London. I may be considered as being biased here but I can honestly say LFW is the best fashion week and most daring I have yet been to!!. From the clothes to the people and the energy surrounding it makes it so unique in its own right and so wonderful to be part of.

As part of my pre-fashion week celebrations I went to the Vogue Fashion Night out event in London’s West End and I must say everyone was dressed to impress and at their ‘fashion best!!’. You were easily able to distinguish the brave with their daring hair cuts (think Rhianna, Solange and Cassie) and the trend setters from the trend followers!!

As part of a bold global initiative, the international editions of VOGUE partnered with designers, department stores, high-street chains and boutiques to create Fashion’s Night Out, an evening extravaganza held around the world from 6pm until midnight. For this event to be made possible the VOGUE team worked with retailers to create a night of original in-store activities, including personal appearances, makeovers and workshops, during extended shopping hours.

For those of you looking to get a taste of fashion week can hop down to the ‘A La Mode’ LFW Catwalk at the Charing Cross Hotel next week. Visit the below link for more info:

Stay tuned for my exclusive London Fashion Week coverage!!

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