Saturday, 24 May 2008


Today I went to see the amazingly talented comedian Chris Rock at the O2 centre in Greenwich. I had exclusive V.I.P tickets which was an added bonus :)

For those who have never come across the American comedian Chris Rock can read about him here. He is seriously hilarious and just too funny. I def recommend his shows for those looking for some serious laughter!!

I had the same problem I always have…What do I wear???? The sun wasn’t actually consistently shining but it was warm, so I opted for my baby pink dress with white matching sandals and a red cardi just in case the unreliable British weather decided to go cold all of a sudden- as it does (lol)
Me and a friend at the show

The traffic on the way there was absolutely manic!! I thought we were never gonna get there JEEEZZZZZZZ.

The venue was filled with thousands of people, I mean I’ve never seen so many people at a comedy show/event.

The man himself – Chris Rock

By the end off the night I was shattered, so we headed over to Canary Wharf for a few drinks and food.

Overall it was such a wonderful addition to my Bank Holiday weekend :)

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