Saturday, 10 May 2008

Chanel Shades+Christian Dior shades + Sunshine = Yolande

OMG I am so loving the recent weather. Seriously I’m all smiles everyday when the sun is out, I mean I’m a smiley person in general and it’s ten times more when the “Sun is shining…weather is sweet” (K, K enough of my singing there)

But today was a lovely day in general. I spent my morning/afternoon at 4 Seasons Shop boutique which is also where my fashion card collection is sold so if you’re ever in the area on the weekend feel free to pop in and say hello :)

My friend Julie then came to meet me and absolutely fell in love with the shop. She ended finding some amazing jewellery pieces which I didn’t even spot and I have a serious eye for exquisitely chic things (lol).

You can view some of 4 Seasons Shop’s amazing jewellery pieces at . It has’nt got everything on there as things come and go so quickly and sometimes sell out completely so it’s def worth coming down and having a browse.

We then headed straight to the park after Julie’s shop.

I get really bad hay fever so I try and ensure I wear shades at all times when I’m in the park. Today I wore my black large framed Chanel shades.

Below pic: Me in my Chanel shades (sorry the pic is a bit blurry...we were zooming in the car)

My friend Julie wore her amazingly beautiful new Christian Dior shades which I so want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously these shades are a must.

Below pic: Julie in her adorable Christian Dior Shades

The rest of the day was spent chilllaxin with a bunch of lovely laydeeeeeeess


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