Tuesday, 4 September 2007


New York the La Geneve North team have officially arrived!!! I've been so excited today considering its my first trip to New York and the fashion shows we have yet to experience are going to be amazing.

I had to wear my supersized shades to the airport to hide my bags as I have not slept for 24hrs, yes i repeat 24hrs (LOL). I tried to sleep on the plane but I found it extremely difficult.

The first thing I noticed about NYC was the spectacular weather. Why can’t we get this in London hey?

We headed straight to the apartment and without unpacking were straight out the door dieing for some American Maccy D’s.

Today was all about chilling and relaxing so we went out in the evening to have a drink and some food and ended up in Times Square. It was amazing and we had a great girly night out.

From left: Julie, Me and Beverley in Times Square

From Left: Beverley, Amelie and Julie

We went back to our apartment for some good snooze so that we were well prepared for tomorrow’s opening night at Nolcha Fashion Week (www.nolchafashionweek.com) which I’m soooo excited about.




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