Wednesday, 6 August 2008


So it’s been a while since I have updated you all on my fashion art card collection ‘Love Genevieve’ ( ) . I have been busy painting away several commissioned art pieces therefore I have struggled to fulfil my greeting card marketing plan this month :(

I have a new fantastic business advisor who is absolutely AMAZING so be prepared to hear lots of news on the happenings of the ‘Love Genevieve’ world. My website – , is also being updated.

The response I have received from Brick Lane has been so encouraging and AMAZING!!! Yes I tend to use the word ‘AMAZING’ a lot to refer to extremely extraordinary things (lol). People are really taking a liking to my cards and although initially I thought it would only appeal to fashionistas, this has so not been the case.

I had a 60 year old lady who bought my “Knit your heart out card” for her friend’s Birthday.

I have also recently noticed an increased population of men purchasing my cards which has also been rather pleasantly surprising.

My current 3 best selling greeting cards are …

Fleur Rose (See Below card)


Description: This card has a sweet red flower implemented into it adding that extra sweet, special appeal. It’s great for birthday’s, thank you’s and farewells.

Mac Factor ( See below card)


Description: The Birthday card that makes you think “Fabulous darling!”.

This pop art /comic themed card is ideal for giving to that chic birthday girl!

RETRO Queen ( See below card)

Ref: LGRQ (Black Text) Description: A fabulous birthday card to give to all those retro queens you know. This card is also suitable for farewells and comes in Black and burgundy font.

I will be back in Brick Lane as of next week so do pop bye and say HHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Ps: Any boutiques interested in carrying my line of fashion greeting cards can contact me via or for International Queries please contact Michel Betito at

Where to currently buy the Love Genevieve Cards…

4 Seasons Shop, 31 Fonthill Road, London N4 -

Guate Goat Boutique Ltd, 65 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, London N4

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