Friday, 29 August 2008

RoLLer dISco TImeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a manic day as always however I was looking forward to unwinding by attending my friend’s 27th Roller Disco Birthday Do in Vauxhall.

To ensure maximum comfort I opted for my high waist denim shorts, Warehouse fitted Jacket and Vintage Cow Boy Boots for my journey there and back. I have only been roller disco once before and almost forgot how it felt to put those skates on for the first time. I have never felt such seriously uncomfortable on my feet. I mean I have even worn 6 inch heels before but these skates were just something else.

After fully putting these skates on I was ready to go…but there was only one problem….I could not actually get up from the sofa with these skates on, Can you imagine how hideous I looked trying to get off this sofa (lol). Eventually I saw my friend in sight and caught their attention. I don’t think they could quite understand or were aware at first that I was experiencing problems moving. They eventually came over in laughter once they caught on and assisted me in locating the rest of the gang.

Below pic- Me finally off the couch and ready to rock n roll (lol)

By the end of the night I could not believe I was skating without the assistance of nobody and had so much fun!! Not sure when I will be returning for some more roller discoing but the experience was yet another crazy night to remember (lol).


Other pics from the night:

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