Sunday, 16 March 2008

ARRIVEDECI -Last day of the Catwalk shows at LDV :(

Today was a fun yet sad day at the same time as it was the last day of the Catwalk shows. Everyone had bonded so well and it was evident they were all going to miss working together. I had four final shows to complete.

Cow’s t-shirt collection was a fabulous way to end the shows as break dancers took over the stage and got the audience consistently applauding non-stop as they wowed the crowd with the moves. All the models were very excited as they each got a free exclusive Cow t-shirt!!

You can view some video clips via the below link!

My parents came down and I spent the rest of my day with them, Latifah Jolie ( Head stylist for La Geneve North) , Daryl (Director of Cliquesse) and my good friend Julie drinking Italian wine and eating Salami and gelato(lol)

Cio Bella


A couple more pics of my exhausted self (lol)

Above pic from left: Me, Hair Director of LDV and Contrasti London Claudio, Latifah Jolie (LGN Head stylist)

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