Thursday, 13 March 2008

La Dolce Vita Opening Night!!

Above pic: Sam and Amanda in Antonella Manoli

Today was the opening night with designers Antonella Manoli and Ralph and Russo showcasing their amazing creations!!! Seriously, Italian Fashion never disappoints, these two collections were outstanding!!!!

The evening was hosted by the Fashion expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy UK and Richard and Judy, Julian Bennett.

The lovely Samanda twins came down to strut the catwalk. Both Sam and Amanda were absolute sweethearts, they each wore an amazing gown by Antonella Manoli.

Celebrity presenter Hofit Golan wore two amazing gowns by Ralph and Russo which looked spectacular on her.

CLICQISSE models done a fantastic job strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Everybody absolutely loved and applauded to the amazing choreography by Daryl Rita (Director of CLICQISSE).

The hair looked sexy and chic thanks to Contrasti’s stylist Claudio who took charge of the hair team and done an absolutely amazing job!! The make-up looked striking. Satellite 3’s make-up team done a perfect job as always :)

Above pic: Contrasti's Claudio doing Hofit Golan's hair

My backstage assistants Lynsay, Julie, Lianca, Bharti, Lauretta, Cara and Aysen were soooooooooooooooo AMAZING, I had the best backstage team ever!!!

Above pic: Backstage Assistants: from left: Lianca, Lynsay and Lauretta

I came straight home after the show and straight to bed, despite the consistent persuasions of the team to go to Roof Gardens for the after party, I was like well “I only have like 5 Catwalk shows to do tomorrow” (lol)

Nite, Nite


Misc Pics:

Above pic: From left: Designer Georgette Williams, Me (Wearing one of Antonella Manoli's amazing pieces), Amelie Lafond and Daryl Rita

Above pic: Julian and Hofit get hold of their copies of Nolcha metier magazine!!



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