Saturday, 19 May 2007

Designer Sally Osborne’s futuristic shoot

Today I had to be up at 6am as I was taking a couple of the La Geneve North models to a shoot in Islington. I travelled from West London on the freezing tube, then popped over to my parent’s home in Islington briefly to have a fry up breakfast :)

I met up one of the two models called Julie at the Highbury and Islington station at 8am. We got a phone call from the other model Sharika to say she was experiencing severe delays, therefore we made our way to the location.

Our photographer was flying out to France at 3pm so we really had to get cracking with the shoot almost immediately. Designer, Sally Osborne was at hand to assist the models and go through the looks etc and the whole inspiration behind it. I ate, chilled out and observed, which was a change for once. Usually I’m running around like a mad person ensuring there are no flaws with the styling etc as well as directing in general.

Sally’s (The designer) unique designs consisted of silver metallic futuristic designs with visible neon pink stitching. We done a few shots on Holloway road where the wind decided to attack us and my eyes literally refused to stop watering due to the cold

By 3pm we were more or less wrapped and we all said goodbye to our French photographer Lawrence who had a plane to catch.

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sassi said...

models look fab!!
love the location, it's got 1960's futuristic character yet is is so modern x