Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Italian Couture Shoot:

I tend to try and not work on Sundays but sometimes have to do the odd photo shoot here and there and Sunday’s are the best days for parking anywhere in London.

So today I set out to style the new La Geneve North shoot, based on the theme “Italian Couture”. I never had far to travel which was nice J.

The two models for the shoot were the gorgeous Maela le nen Davey who had gorgeous big red hair and very distinct features and the beautiful Muna who I discovered was part English and part Somalian. Our Make-up Artist for the day was the lovely Nadine Leighton –( )who I have previously worked with. The hair stylist was our own lovely Latifah Jolie and our fantastic photographer was Caitlin McColl who has won several awards/recognitions in photography. These include: An exhibition at the UN for the Shoot Nations competition ( , An exhibition in Paris for the Musée de l'Elysée An exhibition at The Refectory in London Runner-Up in the NYAS photography competition Winner in the Guardian Unlimited Travel Competition Winner of a Shoot Experience Competition. So as evident very talented!!

It was such a lovely day in terms of the weather so I think this really boosted everyone’s spirits considering it was a Sunday afternoon whereby most people tend to just relax and take it easy.

The hair and make-up looked absolutely fantastic and very spot on. The jewellery we used was from 4 Season Shop, 31 Fonthill Road, N4 and it really looked striking.

We managed to get some great shots and were all wrapped up by 6pm ish.

I am so excited about the images when they come out!!!

Remember to pop back to see how the images turned out J

Arrivedeci for now



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