Monday, 28 July 2008

Street Dance 2008 Championships :)

Yesterday I went to stage manage the street dance 2008 Championships brought to you by G Force Productions ( Being used to directing fashion shows, this was a totally new experience and challenge. The thought of knowing that I will have 300 dancers from all over the UK to manage in itself was a very scary thought.

The event took place at the Apollo in Victoria London, where the show WICKED is currently being staged. We had the privilege of being granted the venue by WICKED for this one day spectacular street dance event which has been described as the "Street dance equivalent of the Oscars".

The sponsors for the event included, Universal Pictures (Step up to the Streets), Kiss FM,Royal Academy of Dance, The Stage newspaper and Bullseye.

Below pic: Step Up to the Streets 2 movie out now in HMV.

I had to be at the venue by 8.30am which was extrrrrreeeemmmmllllyyy early for me on a Sunday. Sunday tends to be my lie-in day :)

When I got to the venue I got my stage team together and had a brief meeting whereby I made a few changes to the original plan. I was fortunate to have a fantastic stage team and really appreciated all their work and efforts on such a hectic day.

The presenters for the show were Eddie Kadi and Kamal.

Below pic: Presenter Eddie Kadi with Akon

The special guest performer was the critically acclaimed Saxophonist Yolanda Brown, who put together an amazing performance.

Below pic: Saxophonist Yolanda Brown

The winners of the Championships were dance group Unity!!!
Diversity, ( last year's winning group) handed over the gigantic Trophy to this year's new winners Unity.

Below pic: Last year’s winning team Diversity

Overall the show was a complete success despite the chaos I was dealing with backstage.

Sorry guys, I was soo busy I did not get a chance to take hardly any images but managed to get quickly take this pic before I left with members from the winning group Unity.

I will try and post some press pics later.

I was sooooo exhausted and went straight to bed when i got in, no chit chat (lol) just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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