Sunday, 23 May 2010

Thorpe Park Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to Thorpe Park today after a friend managed to convince me to come. I agreed under the condition that I don’t have to go on any rides (As I absolutely hate all those scary rides) and can just chill and enjoy the weather.

The Ensemble:

I decided to wear denim shorts, my H&M Madonna vest top and my Topshop boots and Kate Kanzier bag. My jewellery was a combination of 4 Seasons Shop pieces ( ) and my favourite Christian Dior Bracelet. There I was ready to go to Thorpe Park on one of the hottest days of the year!

The Experience

The weather at Thorpe Park was consistently gorgeous and I kept saying “it feels like were on holiday in the Mediterranean!!”. So there I was relaxing enjoying the weather until I heard “Yolande you have to go on that ride with us!”, OMG my worst nightmare!! I explained I had not come to go on any rides but to have a relaxing day out with friends. All of a sudden everybody couldn’t recall me saying that and convinced me to go on this swinging type ride claiming it was not scary at all and they had all been on it previously. Anyway to cut the long story short, I went on this ride and all I can say is OMG, how traumatizing!! It really took me half the day to get over this ride and I felt so SICK! . After that it was certainly a wrap!!! I can’t believe how people get really excited about scary rides, I just never quite got it –lol

There was another ride called the SAW which everyone was excited about and off course I did not even attempt it this time round. Whilst my friends got on I stood to the side and had this nine year old girl come up to me and try to console me?????!!!!! She was like “ It’s not a scary ride you know? I’ve even been on it twice”- yeah thanks but no thanks was what was going through my mind.

Anyway seeing Peter Andre got my mind off that scary ride. He was so lovely to speak to and genuinely polite! I was extremely impressed. Then a wod of girls came howling down out of nowhere and that was it! Security started getting out of control and so forth.

Also at Thorpe Park today was Miss Frank and Flawless.

Above pic: Peter Andre
So later that evening I saw my mum and told her about me going to Thorpe Park which she found to be hilarious. I’m just not that kind of person-lol I told her about the incident with the nine year old and she was like “Well when you were little you used to do all those scary rides and you were fine.” Which left me with the thought… what happened…??

Bon nuit

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