Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Boots Press Day!

So today I attended the Boots press day with my cousin Kathy who is a professional Make-up Artist.

Yummy snacks upon arrival :)

The event took place at the Future Gallery by Leicester Square and being a beauty junkie, you can imagine my excitement! I guess I have to be grateful that my skin can handle quite a lot considering the amount of different products I am forever trying on my skin!! I guess you have to enjoy the benefits now as I’m not sure how much of it I will be getting away with in years to come :O

I loved the set-up of the main room as it really made me feel at home and off course I love all things ‘girly & fabulous’ so was immediately drawn to the dressing table which featured some of Boot’s fantastic No7 products! Honestly if you have never tried any of the Boots No7 products you are SERIOUSLY missing out!! What was great about the Press day was I got to learn more about the science behind the Boots product formula’s and check my skin type as it has most definitely changed over the years. It used to be very dry and slowly I have discovered how oily it actually is now.

It's all in the Science :)

I got to try the new Boots Primer (out in stores Jan 2012) which felt absolutely Lush on the Skin!

Overall I was all for the day cream and the N07 Lipsticks!! I sure will be stocking up on these in the New Year!!!

For more info on the Boots product range visit

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