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A first for the British Beauty Industry – preparing the business leaders of the future

The UK health and beauty industry is a buoyant and dynamic sector and is estimated to be was estimated to be worth £18,512m and despite the continued economic woes, shows no signs of slowing down.

An area that is currently massively underexploited and that is set to show explosive growth is the ethnic beauty market.
Why will this is this the case?
·         The UK population is projected to undergo major shifts in the composition of the ethnic proportions, which will grow extensively over the next 10 – 25 years.  Between 2001-2035 the White British population is projected to grow by 4% , by contrast peoples of a mixed heritage will grow by up to 241%, the Asian population group will grow by up to153%  and the Black African group will grow by 179%. .[ii]
·         As these population groups grow, they are also becoming wealthier.[iii]  The so called ‘brown pound’ will have increasing influence.
·         According to Mintel, in 2006  sales of ethnic beauty products accounted for only 1% of the UK’s beauty value sales, despite the fact that the ethnic demographic accounted for 12% of the population at that time.[iv]
·         Black British women spend on average six times more than their white counterparts on their hair, and more than half regularly visit a salon. Mintel market researchers found that while the average Caucasian woman spends £83.97 a year on beauty products, black women spend £117.44 - and that doesn't include trips to the hairdresser or spending on mainstream products not specific to Afro hair.[v]
So, what has been hampering the growth of this extremely exciting segment of the market?

Mintel identified that market growth for the woman of colour was hampered by:
·         limited availability of ethnic brands on the high street
·         The mainstream retailers’ reluctance to become involved in ethnic cosmetic and toiletries
·         Lack of advertising (in mainstream press) which is read/consumed by many women of colour

 Natalie Clue – a Marketing Consultant specialising in beauty for the woman of colour , who has worked with leading brands such as  Estee Lauder, Dermalogica and Kao Brand-John Frieda, and who is the author of  a leading  blog for the British woman of colour, BeautyPulseLondon, states ‘that a lack of representation of women of colour in the beauty industry is also an issue’.  She strongly believes that women of colour need to be present, because only we can articulate and express our needs in a way that can then be adequately addressed.

Thus she created an organisation, Keziah Connections which was launched earlier this month.
“The mission of the organisation is simple” states  Natalie, ‘it is here to facilitate and encourage the empowerment and progression of women of colour within the mainstream British Beauty Industry, by bringing leading and up and coming beauty professionals together with women who want to be educated and mentored.

The first event called the Nurture and Network™ Evening, will takes place at the sumptuous BECCA Boutique, in the heart of Chelsea, on the 24th July 2012.

Natalie values productive partnerships and was so happy that the premium cosmetic brand BECCA agreed to be the lead partner for the first event.  “BECCA is the perfect partner, as it a brand that has a range of products that are suitable for women of all skin tones. I am keen to connect brands that I know offer the products that the woman of colour desires, with the end consumer!

The topic and speakers on the evening are:

·         Winning in the Digital Space – Award winning blogger, Hafsa Issa-Salwe (Muslimah Beauty)
·         Sweet Success! – Creating a new product – Karamal and Brown’s founder Cheryl Effiom
·         Getting into the Marketing Mix – Lara Odusanya, Marketing & Communications Coordinator – BECCA
The Nurture and Network™ Evening will take place on the 24th July 2012, at the BECCA Boutique, BECCA London, 91A Pelham Street, London, SW7 2NJ.  6.30pm – 9.15 pm
I am offering my wonderful readers a £10 discount, all you have to do is enter the code Keziah2472012 when purchasing the ticket.
Visit  to book your ticket
Look forward to seeing you there

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