Friday, 16 November 2007

Change the world for a fiver…yes a fiver

Today was a hectic but very interesting morning. I went the Make Your Mark at work Toolkit seminar where I met the lovely Eugenie Harvey, co founder of “We Are What We Do”, a new movement inspiring people to use their everyday actions to change the world ( ).

You may have already come across the organisation as they developed the famously fabulous reusable cotton bags with Anya Hindmarch which sold out within an hour of going on sale on it’s first day at Sainsbury- Yes I actually searched high and low to get one but they were all gone :(.

Above pic: Anya Hindmarch hands over the first We Are What We Do bag at Sainsbury's. Photograph: J Sainsbury

When I first heard about Eugenie’s book “Change the world for a fiver” my first thoughts were “REALLY???!!!???. But after meeting her and finding out more about the idea behind it I immediately realised how possible this is. You will have to visit their website to find out more. I am not going to give too much away.

"Every person in the country uses an average of 167 plastic bags every year. That's 10 billion bags all together*. A plastic bag takes up to 500 years to decay in landfill. There is an alternative. It's called a shopping bag."
From Change the World for a Fiver

I managed to have a brief chat with her before she jetted off and she gave me a copy of her fab new book “Change the world 9-5” which is all about changing the world at work- . I know what’ll I’ll be spending my Sunday afternoon reading :)

Above pic: Me holding Eugenie's book "Change The World 9-5"

This Christmas will see one of her publications on every Virgin airline flight so look out for it all you Virgin fliers out there!!

For More information or to purchase one of her fab books visit :

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