Saturday, 10 November 2007

Vintage bikes, Snoop Dogg’s Cadillac and all that good stuff :)

Today I went to style the shoot for upcoming Marshall Arts clothing label Grapple Wear in a secret location in Hayes.

I was up at 7am (Ouch for a Saturday-I know) and made my way to Paddington train station to catch a train to Hayes. One of my carrier bags snapped which made my journey rather nightmarish!! Why I decided to dash the remaining bits and bobs in a carrier bag I really don’t know. I shall blame it on waking up early on a Saturday morning when I am usually in bed having a long lie-in.

When I got to the shoot, our fantastic fashion photographer, Belal Ashraf was waiting to greet me by these large gates. I started to wonder about this secret location. As I walked into the premises I was left amazed. I spotted my dream car immediately!! This cute pink …urm, well I’m not good with defining cars, I’m more about the visuals. One thing I can confirm was the fact that it was an exclusive vintage car.

Below pic: My dream car- SPOTTED!!

After a brief browse of all the luxury cars I went to meet the designer, our model and make-up artist for the day.

Above pic: Some bits n bobs from the shoot.

Above pic: Our model and Make-up Artist for the day

I ran through the looks with our photographer and before you knew it we were shooting in front of Cadillacs and vintage bikes.

Overall it was a fantastic shoot and a pleasure to work with Belal Ashraf ( ) once again. We ended the shoot by all getting into acclaimed Hip hop rapper, Snoop Dogg’s, Cadilac- But SSSShhhhhhhhh don’t tell no one (lol).

Below pic: Taking over Snoop's Cadillac:

P.S: I will post the images shortly so come back and check them out.

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