Sunday, 2 December 2007

GHANAFEST 2007 !!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe today was Ghana Fest fashion evening, this just shows how quickly time just fly’s by!!!!!!! I arrived at the Rich Mix cinema at 9am and waited for the remaining models being provided by Finger Print model management. Our choreographer for the day was the lovely Amelie Lafond.

About Ghanafest:

GhanaFest Fashion Evening is London’s first fashion show dedicated to African female designers. A unique couture show with an African twist, the evening will displayed an array of high fashion garments from the contemporary fashion scene, combined with innovative African inspired designs. The collections being showcased included womenswear and menswear of spring /summer 2008. Overall the event received a great reception from the press and attendees with continuous applauds as each designer showcased their AMAZING creations!! I was shattered by the end of the show and was craving for one of those Brick Lane Bagels :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are some backstage pics from the show, more will be posted shortly! Xx

Above pic: I got my eyes done toooooooooooooo :)

Above pic: Centre: Designer Bibi with models in her label Moyo

Above pic: Me and model

Above pic: Model Danielle with Amelie Lafond

Above pic: African Designers Eve (Ghana) and Bibi (Kenya)

Above pic: Designer Georgette Williams

Above pic: One of the Make-up Artist's Nabras with model



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fabienne said...

I use also wax fabric to make my accessories : evrytime is a new way to wear !! i love the colors

sierra said...

looks cool!