Wednesday, 10 September 2008

C'mon Guys you know she looks gorgeous!!!

So there I was trawling through magazines and slowly moving onto the papers( like I had all morning to consume myself with celebrity gossip) and there it was...Victoria Beckham makes front page news, why? Because she has a new hair do. And to make it worse they are referring to her as Peter Pan and all sorts and claiming she has stolen the hair do from Pixie Geldof and what not!! I mean seriously I thought there's earthquakes happening and people dieing?? Maybe not. The papers seem to continuously bully this gorgeous lady who tends to look beautifully fabulous everyday!! I in fact love her new hair cut and so prefer it to her previous do. C'mon guys lets show V B some lovvvvvveeeeeeeee... So wonder what the papers have instore for front page news tomorrow...??? hmmmmm

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