Sunday, 28 November 2010

TMC 2010 Finals !!!

So yesterday was the TMC finals which took place at the Porchester halls in Bayswater London. For those of you who have never heard of TMC, basically Top Model of Colour (TMC) is a modelling competition with a difference. It’s been going strong for 5 years and takes competitors from black, mixed, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities who are typically under represented in the modelling world. One male and one female winner is chosen from a stunning mix of finalist’s who have been whittled down from hundreds of applicants. With the backing of the TMC corporation the winners are guided towards supermodel greatness within the UK and Worldwide (former winners have had shoots and catwalk opportunities as far reaching as Gambia and New York). Most recently the competition was launched in Holland.

The plan was initially to goto the event with one of my best friends and fellow journalist Miss Bello, however I got struck with really bad flew a couple of days ago so have been in bed all weekend! My outfit was set and I had received my invitation and tickets weeks in advance by the lovely Shereece at Sassi Pr but my body just said no and just indulge in the Lemsip.
I was so gutted to miss this event as was really looking forward to it but remember guys health comes first :)

So Miss Bello called me with excitement today to tell me that Nana Afua Anwti (One of my favourite models btw) had won the female competition and a guy called Jason Best had one the Male competition. Miss Bello was also a judge at the event and ( I must say I see her more as a Danni Minogue type judge as opoosed to a Simon Cowell type) and had the pleasure in contributing to crowning such beautiful people!.

Below are some pics from the event
The Judges :)

Below are some of my favourite pics of winning Model Nana Afua Anwti

For more information on TMC visit

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