Thursday, 24 March 2011

Essex Fashion Week has arrived!

Today I headed down to Essex Fashion Week with the LGN Events team ( ) to see what Essex really had to offer and meet the cast of 'The Only Way is Essex' (also known as TOWIE), the UK's answer to American reality hit series, The Hills! The show was hosted by TOWIE twins Adam and Simon Ryan.

I must say I am a fan of the show and refer to it as my guilty pleasure so was excited about the thought of meeting Nana Pat :)She was lovely, but
unfortunately I did not get to taste some of those famous sausage plaits she makes :( I know right!!!!

Below pic: Myself and Nana Pat

I definitely feel TOWIE is one of those shows you either love or hate! But I must say you gotta love it :)Overall Essex Fashion Week was much better than I had anticipated and offered something different and kept the crowd engaged at all times, drinks were flowing consistently throughout keeping everyone smiling.

Above pic: These two lovely ladies made us some mean cocktails!

Several TOWIE stars featured on the Catwalk included Lydia Bright Rose and Jessica Wright. Lydia looked Amazing I must say. I don’t think TV does her justice, she is stunning!

Above pic: TOWIES Lydia Bright Rose

Above pic: TOWIE'S Jessica Wright

Joey Bevan, Basildon based designer and stylist or as he refers to it himself Bas-Vegas, got to showcase some of his skills by creating a dress for Lydia Bright Rose in a matter of minutes on the Catwalk.

Below pics: Joey creating Lydia dress on the Catwalk

Joey is the owner of PoInTeD bRoWn ShOeS and everything in his collection is recycled and even has a Turkish rug in one of his pieces. His collection is all about encouraging ethical practices.Below are some more pics from the Event! :)

Above pic: Me and Jo Wood, who is actually originally from Basildon Essex

Above pic: Stylist Natalie James

Above: Guests at Essex Fashion Week

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