Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Meet Tanzanian designer Anna Luks...

A while back I met up with Tanzanian London based designer Anna Lukindo who is the designer behind the Anna Luks brand. Her designs I must say just simply blew me away!

I fell in love with her headgear and had to share some pics of myself wearing her headgear with you below :)
I love the vibrant colours used throughout her work!

For those of you who are yet to come across this talented designer and brand, Anna Lukindo is a stylist and a clothing designer who designs for the woman of today, for those with a free spirit, confidence, and who embrace uniqueness.

The label Anna Luks, began in her native Tanzania in
East Africa. A mother or two boys, Anna did her diploma in Fashion /Textile in Barnet College, and went further on to acquire a BA in Fashion Design from Middlesex University in 2010.

She claims that she has finally found her niche. Anna's signature work is inspired by ropes, and cords. She too experiments with textures and likes to play around with different kinds of yarns to create cords for her fabrics. Printing is vital in Anna Luks wears, she acknowledges that with printing, it allows her creativity, into a new level and sustains the sense of uniqueness and versatility in her creation.

Anna's work is far beyond the ordinary clothes designing. She has a laissez-faire approach to her work, and does not pay too much attention to lines, and allows her imagination to wander and ultimately produce a master piece.

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