Friday, 27 May 2011

Butter London: no ordinary nail varnish that's for sure!

So last week I got to meet Nonie Creme, Founding Creative Director of Butter London at Claridges to learn more about this amazing brand! In an intimate chat, Nonie revealed her current and upcoming collection range which will all be revealed in due course :)

So I bet you're already wondering what it is that makes Butter London so special? In fact to be honest I came across this fabulous brand about 1 year ago and wondered why a brand based in the U.S named themselves after London? Well it all came to light as Nonie explained that she had previously lived in London for 15 years and during her team here she even managed to work with Vivienne Westwood!! Any who that’s a story for another day.

Below pic: Me with Butter London Founder Nonie Creme

What amazed me about this brand was perfectionists such as Victoria Beckham, Issa, and Calvin Klein have all enlisted Nonie to customise shades and in some cases to match the exact skin tone of each individual model for their New York Fashion Week Shows! I mean personally for me that says it all! Butter London however is not just relied upon by fashion designers, but also from women who are turning to a cheaper alternative to update their look. Nonie explains “While women on a budget may hesitate to buy a new dress or shoes, nail polish can be used as a less expensive way to update their look and keep in sync with fashion”. What’s also great about the brand is the fact that they are always on trend each season. The current season palette "reflects the luxe-grunge moment, and burst of new era, ‘dirty’ jewel stones prevalent on the Catwalk for A/W 2011."
At the end of our chat I was dying to try some of the colours. One thing about me is I am very fussy and particular about nail varnish because I am always on the go and don’t have the pleasure of sitting for ages waiting for my nail polish to dry. I have also always found that certain nail polish colours (such as black) take forever to dry so completely avoid those colours. Now what I found with Butter London was far from the above. Not only was one coat only needed but the way it dried so quickly amazed me! I was definitely impressed with this product and will definitely be getting some more colours!

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