Thursday, 2 June 2011

Absolutely Fabulous Darling!

So today me and Celebrity Stylist and Designer Zed Eye headed down to the Fabulous Magazine headquarters to learn about a very special launch they will be doing! They kept the launch info very hush hush and said they would announce it at the party!

I must say I am not very good with surprises so I did wonder what could it possibly be over and over again? Lol, I know right!!

When we arrived there were make-overs and mini photo shoots already going on. I spotted a few faces I recognised and got chatting! I am really trying hard to steer away from the alcohol at the moment as it doesn’t quite fit into my healthy new regime lol.

So we finally got to find out what the surprise was...basically for the first time ever Fabulous Magazine will be running a modelling competition for a non-celebrity to be featured on their cover!! How awesome is that!!! I immediately started thinking of all the amazing models I have worked with throughout the years and immediately started tweeting and BB’ing them to enter this amazing competition!!!

I then spotted these fabulous shoes, which were actually from New Look and had to try them on (below pic). I am absolutely in love with them and so impressed with the direction New Look is taking!!

Below pic: Zed Eye and the fabulous ladies from Next Models (

Overall it was a great evening and so much fun ;) !!

Below: I was loving Sian's look! Sian also runs her own blog and previously worked at Grazia Magazine


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