Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Deep Heat/Deep Freeze: My pain saver :)

So recently I've gotten back into the spirit of exercising and keeping fit, long gone are the days when I was 21 and could eat anything and do anything and still have a washboard stomach and happily run for the bus or train without it taking the whole journey to get may breath back!!

So Paddington Rec in Maida Vale has been my new found fitness playground and also social meet-up as I discover what my surrounding neighbours actually do for a living (some very interesting careers which I will have to share with you in another post). But having not exercised properly for a very long time and then trying to do intense sessions comes with that price!!! That price of sore muscles all over your body and plenty of aches and pains. Don’t get me wrong I did stretch and all that whoooo-haaaa, but I still had the intense muscle pains and serious backache!! That was when I finally decided to try Deep Heat and Deep Freeze!

Deep heat and Deep Freeze are part of a range of innovative treatments that either cool or heat damaged tissue to help soothe pain, control the symptoms and notably aid healing. To be honest I thought let me give it a try (not quite sure whether it was actually going to work or not) but to my surprise it worked very quickly. I was so impressed and amazed with the results!! I definitely recommend these amazing products and pricing wise they are sooooooo affordable!

Looking forward to no more muscle pains J

Try them out and let me know what you think of them.

Bisous x

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