Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wireless Festival baby!

So on Friday, myself and my partner in Crime Bella, headed down to the Wireless festival in Hyde Park London!

After a crazy week at work and not a day off in ages I jumped at the opportunity of chilling out and having a long weekend off. I know those that know me were extremely shocked that I even took a non-work related long weekend off, lol.

So I had to really think about what to wear because I needed something versatile that would be suitable for both the festival and the after party at Supperclub later that evening. I rummaged through my wardrobe and there it was VOILA!!! My vintage black and gold lace dress with side splits was starring right at me J That was it for me and added a cute vintage belt.

Make-up wise I wanted to keep it very neutral and simple to compliment my dress otherwise there would have been too much going on. Also the day was extremely hot so I really did not want too much on my face. I put on some gold eye shadow, eyeliner and nude coloured lip gloss and as a finishing sprayed some VANI-T multi-vitamin facial mist spritz which is great for setting make-up and keeping you skin hydrated throughout the day. I painted my nails pastel green to add a bit of contrast and colour to my ensemble and was good to go!

I finally got to the festival and met up with Bella and headed to the V.I.P and Press section. I don’t do too well with large crowds but I was really excited about the festival, music and food and got completely distracted chatting away with familiar faces that I somehow managed to forget about the crowds of people.

Me and Bella spent most of the day with the team from Verge Magazine and Flavour magazine discussing all sorts in the gorgeous sun! The weather was just unbelievable! NO RAIN GUYS!!! YES NO RAIN!! It almost felt as though I was on holiday!

We went to watch Tiny Tempah’s amazing performance and danced away and sang Happy Birthday to his bass player who is also a friend of Bella’s.

I also bumped into the talented Jamal Edwards whose documentary and meet-up with Richard Branson was recently shown on TV. He has created a youth broadcasting empire, amassing over 54 million video views on You Tube and supporting new talent through his own record label, and he's on 20yrs old!!.

(Below: Jamal Edwards and Bella)

Being a big fan of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) I had to take a snap with the Faiers sisters Billie & Sam
:) They were so sweet and looked amazing!

Later on I caught up with Vanessa from the Saturdays as was dying to ask her a particular question which myself and a friend of mine have been debating for ages . She was so sweet and happily answered :)

More pics from the Festival:

Above pic: Bella with Actor Femi Pyeniran

So the next stop after the festival was Supper Club in Notting Hill. We just about caught the V.I.P coach that was waiting for us...will tell you all about that in another post!

Bisous xx

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