Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kiss Lashes truly are the business!!

So if your lashes are anything like mine...ridiculously curly... making the experience of adding on a pair of false lashes rather terrifying, then fear no more, Kiss Lashes have the definitive answer!!! No more spending countless hours trying to figure out how all the how-to-add-false-lashes vloggers do it! Kiss have come up with an amazing concept to save you time and enable you to join the glam pack and all for under £6!!!

The Kiss Ever Easy lashes are an absolute god send. They give you the easiest application of false lashes EVER! With a patented technology you simply pick your style, apply glue to the lash and place over the eye-lid by holding the strings. Once completely dry, hold the lash in place and gently tug on the longer strand of the red string. You’ll find that they slide out so easily and leave you with a perfectly applied lash- no sticky fingers, tweezers or cotton buds needed!

What’s more, Kiss Ever Easy Lashes are made from real hair, which means you can apply mascara, clean with make up remover, and re-use whenever you like. There are a total of 10 styles to choose from including a subtle daytime look, fifties pin-up glamour, A List luxe and full on drama.

Kiss Ever Easy Lashes are available at priced at £5.62

So next time to need a pair of quick and easy lashes remember to grab a pair of ‘Kiss Ever Easy Lashes’!

Bisous xx

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