Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bernard Chandran’s London Fashion Week show…

This morning I went to see Bernard Chandran’s AW 2008 collection at London Fashion Week. Despite all the madness and tiredness I was extremely excited as it was one of the only Fashion Week show’s I was able to fit into my mad Nolcha Fashion Week schedule.

The Collection:
Bernard’s collection left me absolutely gob smacked!!! His creations were amazing, I mean seriously words cannot describe. His spectacular dresses featured hidden corset detailing “emphasising the bust line but with a softened silhouette.”

Judging by the facial reaction of the audience and sudden backstage rush immediately after the show, it was evident that this show was an absolute success. I loved it!!!

Above pic: The man himself
I set off and read my daily Rubbish, London Fashion Week’s daily paper, and made my way to my next meeting J
About Bernard Chandran:
A Malaysian designer described as “Malaysia’s Prince of Fashion”. He knew at the tender age of 16 that he wanted to become a fashion designer but just had to convince his father, who wanted him to become an accountant.
He initially studied fashion at a local college in Malaysia and soon jetted off to study in Paris.
He was voted the designer of the year by the Malaysian International Fashion awards in 2003.
This year (2008) he has plans to open boutiques in US, India and Dubai.



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