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I caught up with one of my favourite fashion photographer's Carli of to learn more about her adventorous photography career so far...
Tell us in brief about your background?
Suddenly I feel l should speak with an American accent! I live in Berkshire and always have done and when money goes my way, I hope to move to London, being a country girl the big smoke still excites me. The eldest of three I have always been interested in identifiers of a person or a statement and the way that fashion or external visual stimulants are used as expression. I stil live in Berkshire and yes, still with the parents’!
What sparked your interest in Photography?
I did a fashion ND but felt it wasn’t the right path for me to express myself, although I loved it and have always and will always be interested in just kind of seemed the next option. It wasn’t because I particularly loved it or anything. Once I had started my BA Hons I just fell in love and it seemed such a natural route of expression, it has stuck ever since.
What kinds of things inspire your photography?
Lots of things but often there are questions we ask ourselves about our lives or who we want to be or just about the way we see the world; I like to explore these questions using a camera. I love fashion, locations and although not religious I find it a subject I am consistently drawn to....the messages within it and the alternative views you can have on these or follow them.
Besides fashion which other areas of photography interest you?
Fine Art photography is a great love and although I often use fashion as a start point it seems to naturally progress to something different. This is where I find I can be a little deeper with my images and concepts. Day to day I do corporate, PR and events and I surprised myself as I really enjoy working with people and capturing that frozen moment among many.
What do you love most about your job?
The fact I work for myself is a great one, if not a little too responsible! Also the people I get to meet, I have really hooked up with some great people in 2008. Networking!!
Which photographer's work do you admire?
I really like Tim Walker, he is amazing. I also like Testino and a really inspirational photographer I met recently called Linus Ricard.
If you weren't doing photography you would be.
In fashion somehow. I worked for an agency before that designed formal menswear for high street chains so I imagine I would be doing that, somewhere I am surrounded by fabrics and textures and my favorite – accessories!
If you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be?
Oooo that’s a hard one. Jesus or some of the writers of the bible.
What would you consider to be the highlights of your photography career so far?
Another hard one! 2008 really was a great year, not only did I start freelance fully but I got involved with some brilliant people in london called Fat Talent. They have kept me motivated and opened up a lot of doors in terms of meeting others. (Like you!)
Favourite book.Movie.and travel destination?
There is a great book called ‘surreality’ which is lots of as the title states, surreal art. I read a book about transgender as well when I was in Uni as I was looking at the skirt as a signifier of gender; that was really interesting, it was called the Transgender debate. Movie, honestly I have no idea, I never remember the names of them! Travel destination that I have been to, Cuba for sure.
What advise can you give to others trying to get into fashion photographer?
Network, network, network, network!

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