Saturday, 28 February 2009


So today I somehow managed to squeeze in a few shows at London Fashion Week despite the last minute madness of next week's 'A La Mode' Show. I decided to keep the look simple (Midenight blue flowy Vintage dress)and go au naturalle - By this i mean i left the make-up at home.

I met up with friends Daryl, Tara and Semka for the first show. We were later joined by Fiorella from Italy and Amazing hat designer Tracey Rose.

Below: Friends at Victim Show

Below pic: A very VERY tired me with Fiorella and Tracey Rose

The first show I went to see was 'VICTIM' by Taiwanese designer Mel. Her collection consisted of Victorian inspired pieces accompanied by gigantic killer platforms. The hair was big, tights ripped and lips super red. The intricate details on her designs were amazing!

After that we dashed off to catch Bernard Chandran but unfortunately just missed his show so patiently waited for Sado's show.

I fell in love with so many of the pieces from Sado’s show that I don’t know where to start. Her dresses were just gorgeous!! Guys you honestly need to check out her collection.

Gosh it’s funny how small the fashion industry actually is, I mean I saw buyers I haven’t seen for a while coming along to try and snap up some new boutique pieces. I also bumped into designer Samata Angel who I have not seen in ages!!

Below Pic: Me with the Founder of

There was absolutely no after show drinks or parties for me as I have so much to catch up with :(

Nite nite

xXx (Bisous)


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